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March 5, 2007

UNC Student Continues His Jihad, Shouting "Death to Israel" And Threatening Judge

Remember drive-by jihadist Mohammed Taheri-azar?

As Daniel Pipes noted back in March 2006:

Mr. Taheri-azar represents the ultimate Islamist nightmare: a seemingly well-adjusted Muslim whose religion inspires him, out of the blue, to murder non-Muslims. Mr. Taheri-azar acknowledged planning his jihad for more than two years, or during his university sojourn. It's not hard to imagine how his ideas developed, given the coherence of Islamist ideology, its immense reach (including a Muslim Student Association at UNC), and its resonance among many Muslims.
Well, the very same Mr. Taheri-azar was up before a judge to discuss letters he'd written to the local media when he sounded off like the nutcase that he is, just before they took him away to the nut ward (video).

Of course, being crazy is no excuse for being an Islamist in the first place, it's more a manifestation of the disease that is radical Islam!

Posted by Richard at March 5, 2007 1:57 PM

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