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February 27, 2007

Seize Upon This Opportunity To Mess With The Bad Guys!

David Benzion at Lone Star Times writes that HAMAS has an English-language website, and we can visit it by clicking here.

David also tells us that HAMAS has a poll question up on their site (left hand side of the screen, scroll down), asking if you aree with resuming Resistance these days. At the time of his writing, the results stood at 48.2% YES, 44.8% NO, and 6.89% DON'T KNOW.

Do all of us a favor, yourself included, and undermine HAMAS by taking a moment to click over to the site and vote "NO."

Also be sure to check out the comments at the Lone Star Times post.

Interestingly, at the time of this post there have been a total of 429 votes: Yes = 3.96%, No = 95.5%, and Don't Know = 0.46%. Is it "Great job readers!" or are the Palestinians waking up to the fact that their culture of death is taking them nowhere? My guess is the former; the latter is too much to hope for out of a people that have proven they can't take care of themselves and need foreign support to even survive - all while raging war on their neighbor using the bodies of their children.

As Scott A. McConnell has written on the Palestinian culture of death:

Palestinian culture is a culture of death. In this culture it is considered proper and moral to dress children in the garb of suicide bombers, to idolize those who kill themselves in the process of murdering women and children, to teach in school that Jews are evil and must be swept into the sea, and to govern through economic and political corruption, and through torture and murder. Palestinian culture is irrational and dangerous and not open to reason. Israel, like any free state, has the right, if attacked, to destroy such an enemy. The blame for the violence rests not with the culture of life defending itself but with those death seekers who believe only in destruction. When will Americans and their media get it?
Like I said, expecting Palestinians to vote no to continued resistance is a bit of a stretch.

Posted by Richard at February 27, 2007 6:07 PM

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