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February 27, 2007

Are The Democrats Imploding? - Part 2

As a young man I remember with fondness my paternal grandfather, a wise old owl, having a fitting old "Proverb," or "Pearl of Wisdom," at the ready for what seemed every imaginable occasion. This in turn has made it so that at times, when witnessing events unfold, such Proverbs as I learned from him, or throughout the rest of my life, come unbidden to my mind when an appropriate situation befitting their ages old wisdom, and or irony, occurs.

Such has been the case when only a few months after the debacle of "Black November," when the Democrats took back the House and Senate, the looming black cloud of the potentially catastrophic consequences of their victory to our country at such a perilous time in our nation's history, has unexpectedly given way to beaming new rays of hope breaking through the clouds, and it has once again reminded me of two of those old adages of my venerable grandfather I recall, the one that says that "Every cloud has a silver lining," and the one about "Give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves," both of which at this juncture could be so aptly applied to the Democrats.

In a previous post here on Hyscience which I entitled "Are The Democrats Imploding?" I point out how it seems that the virtual takeover of the Democratic Party by the Moveon.org Marxist far-left radicals, and the Cindy Sheehan / Jane "Hanoi" Fonda "Hate America" anti-war movement, have moved the Party so far to the left of center that it is actually alienating many Democrats and causing a tremendous rift within the Party - when Joe Lieberman, a temperate Democratic Senator (no pun intended Edward) with a long distinguished political career, who even ran for the Vice Presidency once, has to run as an "Independent" in his own turf, because his own Party disowned him, considering him too "conservative and hawkish" for their anti-war, "peacenik," tastes, there is definitely something wrong with the picture!

In said post I surmised that after the Democrats' much touted "Queen Pelosi's One Hundred Hours Of Much Ado About Nothing;" with John Edwards "shooting himself in the foot" and practically forfeiting his presidential aspirations over his ill-advised support of his two sacrilegious anti-Christian staffers in his employ who had recently made highly offensive, obscene, pro-unfettered abortion allusions comparing the Incarnation of Jesus by the Holy Spirit, to Mary having been raped by God's "white-hot ramming phallus" and perhaps desirous of such a thing as a "Morning After Pill" (amongst other blasphemies which outraged Christians and non-Christians alike all the world over); to Senator Biden, who though one of the harshest critics of the war in Iraq and of the President's policies, nevertheless chastised his fellow "cut-and-run," anti-war, Democrats in Nevada about gaging the dire consequences of the hasty withdrawal (and defeat) from Iraq they so vehemently wish to achieve, and its aftermath; to Hillary cowering, telling one of her so called "Town Hall" leftist audiences that "if she knew then what she knows now she would not have voted for the war, but that if what those present wanted was someone who had not voted for the war (Obama), or who had repudiated their vote on the war (like Edwards), then she was not their gal"; to the slap in the face the High Court of Appeals (second only to the Supreme Court) has given all those Jihadist-loving, bleeding heart, Democrats, such as Senators Durbin and Kennedy, when it ruled that enemy combatants have no "Habeas Corpus" and therefore cannot challenge their internment in U.S. courts, that they should be tried by Military Tribunals, and that they can be interned at the President's request until all cessation of hostilities, which when applied to the War on Terror means indefinitely, which, of course, has been a resounding vindication of such Bush policies as the Democrats have even entertained impeaching the President over; and that with the growing present disarray within the Democratic Party, all the alienating, the fracturing, the ideological internecine warring, and the radical leftist madness driving it all, the Democratic Party may well be beginning to unravel at the seams from within, self-imploding upon its rotten far-leftist, Marxist, anti-war, "Hate-America" core: "Give them enough rope, and they'll hang themselves." How true!

But it's getting even better with every passing day!

On a recent Maureen Dowd Column, she quotes a comment by Hollywood Music Mogul and Democratic activist David Geffen, a once close friend and former political supporter of the Clintons, who even slept in the Lincoln Bedroom back in the days when the Clintons in the White House were turning over the Lincoln Bedroom to paying guests (otherwise known as "campaign contributors") faster than rooms are turned over at a Holiday Inn or a Ramada Inn, who at a recent Hollywood fund-raiser for Democratic upstart and "media darling," Barack Obama, whom he now supports, caustically criticized the Clintons as the liars with the greatest ease to lie amongst all of the notoriously lying politicians, saying quote: "Everybody in politics lies, but they [the Clintons] do it with such ease, it's troubling."

Geffen went on to say, amongst other terms of endearment, that "God knows, is there anybody more ambitious than Hillary Clinton?" And "Obama is inspirational, and he's not from the Bush royal family or the Clinton royal family..." He added that "Bill is a reckless guy who gave his enemies a lot of ammunition to hurt him and to distract the country" and that Hillary is "overproduced and overscripted," calling her a "polarizing figure."

This has brought about a still on-going Hillary - Obama war of words, which has caused quite a stir, with much ruffle of feathers and much clucking in the Democratic "hen-house," with an indignant Howard Wolfson, Hillary's campaign spokesman, retorting, saying: "While Senator Obama was denouncing slash and burn politics yesterday, his campaign's finance chair was viciously and personally attacking Senator Clinton and her husband...If Senator Obama is indeed sincere about his repeated claims to change the tone of our politics, he should immediately denounce these remarks, remove Mr. Geffen from his campaign and return his money." To this, an unflappable Obama responded by saying that Mr. Geffen did not speak for him, but that he could not be responsible for all of the personal comments made by his supporters. Most importantly, Obama refused to return Mr. Geffen's donation.

Now, bemused conservatives everywhere agree with TV and radio show host, Glenn Beck, that no matter how much we all may agree or disagree with Mr. Geffen's politics, at least his assessment of the Clinton's is right on the money - who can forget Bill perjuring himself with such ease, in front of the cameras, telling the whole world: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" ? Isn't it ironic? The President of the United States blatantly lies to the American people and embarrasses America before the world, and he gets a free pass, yet, Special Council Fitzgerald, though supposedly apolitical, is hell-bent on crucifying Scooter Libby for allegedly having lied to a Grand Jury (as if Fitzgerald could not find better prosecutorial things to do) all because of Libby's faulty recollection concerning the Valerie Plame fiasco; even though it has been amply proven he was not the one that leaked the information, and that it was common knowledge within Washington circles that 007 wannabe Plame worked for the CIA, and that she had been instrumental in securing by nepotism the assignment of her "Beau Fatale" Wilson to his "fact-finding" mission to Niger! Isn't justice in America (especially for victims, Christians, conservatives, and such other Red State "clod hoppers") amazing?!?!

In a recent Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Senator Lieberman has warned his former fellow Democrats, that if in their demagogue, defeatist, twisted, anti-war ideology, they go so far as to consider cutting funding for our troops in Iraq, such as they did in the Vietnam war, he will consider switching parties and becoming a Republican. Of course, this will tilt the balance of power back in favor of a Republican majority in the Senate, and would constitute, at least in my humble opinion, the only salvation to our nation in its current electoral predicament.

Senator Lieberman went on to judiciously point out in the piece that Commanding General David Petraeus, after having been unanimously confirmed as the new Commanding Officer of the Iraqi Theater of Operations, in charge of implementing President Bush's new Iraq strategy aimed at defusing the sectarian violence, in weeding out insurgent elements, and at securing Baghdad, deserves our support, and that we should allow him the chance to successfully fulfill his mission, before giving up, or obtusely continuing to work to achieve defeat in Iraq - as many Democrats rabidly wish to accomplish!

I say Bravo to Senator Lieberman! We should all flood his offices with supportive e-mails, faxes, and letters, encouraging him, and begging him to please take the plunge and become a Republican, and save our country from these far-fringed, leftist, lunatics, that have taken over the Democratic Party, and that are hell-bent in the undoing of our nation as per their sick, perverse, radical ideology!

Then to the dumbfounding of many a conservative, and the chagrin of Mexican illegal aliens and pro-open borders "Olé" Democrats everywhere, none other than New York Democratic Senator, Chuck Schumer, appeared last night on The Factor, on Fox News, promoting his recent book, "Positively American" (Fox seems to promote more books every week in its programming than the "Oprah book Club" does in a month), scolding his own Party, telling O'Reilly amongst other conservative sounding propositions, that quote: "Our immigration should be more diverse...it shouldn't be 70% of the poor from one country [Mexico]."

Wow! Had I not heard it coming out of Senator Schumer's lips with my own ears, and seen it with my own eyes, I would have never believed it! A Democrat such as Schumer actually calling an "apple" an "apple" and addressing the kernel of the immigration debacle with brutal honesty, without any "politically correct" bullshit! Amazing! Is it possible that Senator Schumer may have had an "Epiphany" like Saul on his way to Damascus?!?! More likely he's just following the prevailing winds, much like a weatherbane, for his own political expediency, seeing the Democrats floundering, unable to get their act together in spite of their supposed gains in November!

All I know is, that even if nothing but demagoguery on his part, Senator Schumer hit the immigration problem "nail" right on the head, and that in fact we should be allowing a more diverse (and I may add "productive") immigration into our country, where people with higher education and or technical skills, with merit and something to contribute to our society, are given equal opportunity (and yes, even preference) to come in, even if they are European and white, instead of the present immigration quotas designed to promote that much desired ethnic "pot-pourri" (in French it actually means "rotten pot" - not melting pot) of the secularist liberals: the "browning of America" and or of continuing to integrate, by granting them de facto amnesty by refusing to deport them, to the unrelenting swarms of millions of Mexican "roaches" pouring over our southern borders and infesting us like their insect counterparts, threatening to take over our country, change our way of life...and the very character of our nation!

Imagine a day when instead of fast food restaurants selling hamburgers, pizza, or hot dogs, all you'll find on our streets are taco stands selling corn tortillas filled with "buche" (cow gullet), "panza" (cow stomach), "tripitas" (cow entrails), "culitos" (cow ass) and other butcher-block refuse which traditional Mexican abject poverty has made into their traditional Mexican fare, while the beef was exported, being sold abroad! Don't believe me? Check a menu at your local Roberto's Taco Shop! Many streets in our major cities have already succumbed to such an aberrant gastronomic invasion!

All in all, and even with their win in November handed to them on a silver platter by the self-serving fickleness, political banality, and mendacity, of skittish Republicans, the Democrats seem to be their own worst enemies! They are at each other's throats, seem to be in greater disarray with each passing day, and the rabid far-left Marxist elements which have taken over the Party are creating havoc, alienating the more centrist Democrats amongst them, such as with Senator Lieberman, while forcing present candidates, such as Hillary, to shuffle perilously to the far-left in order to garnish their support; something that conversely will make them less palatable to an increasing number of American voters in the next elections.

As for us conservatives, we'll sit watching the spectacle, smiling with delight, smug at how the Democrats crumble all by themselves, and fall by gravity, much like a rotten fruit, of their own accord. And I, remembering another of those time proven adages, such as I so fondly remember hearing from my grandfather long ago, but this time recalled from a song by Doris Day, shrug with satisfaction and say to myself: "Que sera, sera" - "What will be, will be", and smile.

Posted earlier at Hyscience

Posted by Althor at February 27, 2007 7:53 PM

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