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January 23, 2007

American G.I In Iraq Gets 'Sand Kicked In Face' From 'American Muslim-Owned' Website: Owner Subsequently Threatens Blogger With Retaliation For Complaint

Two take home questions:

1. Will the MSM pick up this story of our solder being ill treated by Discount-Mats.com, a Muslim owned, Wisconsin based floor mat company?
2. Shouldn't Faisal Khetani, an American Muslim of Pakistani descent, face charges, or at least be investigated for turning complaints about his treatment toward an American G.I. into a "Muslim" issue and threatening a blogger with retaliation by "Muslim activists"?

An American GI in Iraq had a simple request last week for a Wisconsin mattress company: send some floor mats to help ease the hardship of sleeping on the cold, bug-infested ground. What he got, instead, was a rebuke from the company's Web site - Discount-mats.com (now , which not only refused the request but added insult to injury with the admonition, "If you were sensible, you and your troops would pull out of Iraq."

Army Sgt. Jason Hess, stationed in Taji, Iraq, with the 1st Cavalry Division, said he emailed his request to Discount-mats.com because he and his fellow soldiers sleep on the cold ground, which contains sand mites, sand flies and other disease carriers.

In his email, dated Jan. 16, 2007, he asked the Web-based company, registered to Faisal Khetani, an American Muslim of Pakistani descent:

"Do you ship to APO (military) addresses? I'm in the 1st Cavalry Division stationed in Iraq and we are trying to order some mats but we are looking for ships to APO first."

On the same day, Hess received this reply:

"SGT Hess,

We do not ship to APO addresses, and even if we did, we would NEVER ship to Iraq. If you were sensible, you and your troops would pull out of Iraq.

Bargain Suppliers

After Faisel is called out on his disgusting action by an American blogger, Faisel threatens her with "Islamic" retaliation.

FOX News came to me personally and locally to do the story with me and that is why I responded to them. You have to realize that I started receiving thousands of emails less than 12 hours after this news was made public. I couldnt respond to hundreds of phone calls or thousands of emails... As you can see the discount-mats.com site has been taken down due to the overwhelming traffic and emails

As for the "Administrative", "Technical" and "Billing" contact, yes I am solely listed because this domain was registered almost two years ago with the option of "filling all contacts as same"... I did not go out of my way to list the same information under each section but rather I chose the default option of filling in the all fields automatically

I had a member of my company publicly speak to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel so there is documented proof that I have additional members. I also had a previous employee for this store who managed operations for me. Moreover my local mosques can easily testify that I have additional members within my company.

After seeing the life-threatening voicemails I received I do not prefer to disclose the identity of this individual, because unlike yourself, I don't think its right to expose a person publicly to the point where there life is threatened

I am a Muslim and I certainly don't appreciate you directly insulting me and my religion with foul names and accusations. I will be sure to forward this to all the major muslim organizations around the nation and you may have your support and your listeners, but you can be sure that there are million of muslim activists as well that will do something about your foul statements.

As I told my local reporters, the individual who made those statements has been held responsible and liable and what they spoke of apo addresses is absolutely true, but the second half was their own personal opinion and not the opinions of the company. Once again I re-iterate the fact that I already had one member speak publicly to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel so you are refuted in this issue.

I will say this, my company most certainly doesn't support the war, and we do hope that the policies will change. However the personal opinions stated by the former member of Discount-Mats.com were very strong and personal and other members within our company certainly feel that his actions were not justified.

I dont care to address this issue any further with you except that your statements against Muslims and your direct insults will not go unheard, I assure you.

Thank you

Faisal R. Khetani

You'll find much more on this at Atlas Shrugs, Publius Forum, and NewsBusters.

Discount-Mats.com has been taken down and cannot any longer be seen. Khatemi was last reached via email address, however: sportsfitness@gmail.com. As NewBusters suggests, be on the look out for this story. It could get wider release any day.

Some final take home points: How and why in the hell did Faisel take this from a complaint about his company's rebuke of an American G.I. to an "Islamic" issue? Perhaps there's a little more to Mr. Faisel than meets the eye. His reference to "Muslim activists" combined with threats like "statements against Muslims and your direct insults will not go unheard, I assure you," and "I will be sure to forward this to all the major muslim organizations around the nation," portray an other than average "American Muslim" just trying to make a dollar. And as for the so-called "insults, our Mr. Faisel seems to be a bit sensitive about al-taqiyya (defined here).

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Posted by Mike in Iraq at January 23, 2007 6:49 AM

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