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January 22, 2007

Dear Dems, Hagel, Snow, And Warner: Try To Remember That Radical Islam Is Not Our Friend And They Want To Kill Us

When I see articles like Disconnected Democrats And Their Poisonous Words I feel compelled to drag out videos like this one:

Like the above referred to article points out, "Disconnected Democrats and poisonous words are bringing us nothing but grief, and the promise of much more."

Remember that Radical Islam is not our friend, and the radical Islamists are pulling for the Democrats - and Republicans like Hagel, Snow, and Warner.

So, what part of the statement that the radical Islamists and the American politicians that support them are a disaster for our survival - is so hard to understand? President George Bush is not the enemy. The insurgents and terrorists in Iraq are our enemy, the medieval tribal system of Middle Eastern culture is our enemy, and the radical Islamists all over the world are our enemy. Yet the Dems just can't get over putting their political agenda before the national security of the United States and the survival of Western civilization.

BTW, I'm actually in Iraq and under fire from the radical Islamists and the Sunni insurgents every day. Maybe it's because I know many good freedom-loving Iraqis that are fighting for their country to be free from the terrorists - that I have hope for Iraq. But on the other hand, because I see so much Muslim toward Muslim hate and intolerance, I have a strong sense for the extent of the hatred of the radicals toward non-Muslims and their willingness to kill Americans - and even to go to U.S. soil to do it.

So, Dear Dems, Hagel, Snow, and Warner. Let's stop these people in Iraq, so me and my buddies don't have to defend Americans, in America!

Posted by Mike in Iraq at January 22, 2007 9:39 PM

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