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April 18, 2006

Some news from Spain

Militant Muslims are asking again to be able to use the Cordoba's Cathedral to pray. But not only Muslims:

The Andalusian MP from Cordoba, José Manuel Mariscal, has joined the petition of the Islamic Council to open the Cordoba' s Cathedral to Muslim rites and has presented a proposition to let the controlled prayer of all religions in that Cathedral.
[& ] His proposition also includes the constitutition of an adress to study, inside the Culture's Commission, to promote the meeting of civilizations, According to Mariscal, this address will serve to " listen the worries of the different cultures that live in Andalusia or are part of its history, and those of the UNESCO and its homologue in the Arab countries, the ISESCO, and to propose measures to the Analusian Governement to promote the meeting of civilizations".
Mariscal accused several MSM of promoting " a long-term campaign of islamophobia, that are rejecting the presence of Muslims in several cities and in protests against the opening of mosques, with the risk to push a great sector of inhabitants into marginality" -

Afterwards he denied it, but the real thing that stroke me when I first read the news was that mention of the Islamophobia in the MSM, particularly because they rarely critisize Muslim extremists and terrorists and are nearer the Finnish TV in everything they say. There are exceptions to that way of thinking but in any case can be considered islamophobe, but rather against Islamic terrorists and fundamentalists.

One of the things that Spanish people are more worried about these days are the oil prices. Living in a country with a huge energetic dependence from foreign countries, the proposition made by the Socialist party in past elections to dispense with nuclear energy (that is to dismantle every one of the nuclear plants that are in Spain, with an approximate cost of between ¬ 15.000 and 20.000 million) was a very striking one. But this last week, Spanish PM Mr. Zapatero, with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, stressed Iran's right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Also an Spanish newspaper, La Razón, published an article about the situation of polygamy in Spain:

«Poligamy has a lot of social pros. Originally, Islam proposed polygamy as a solution for boys who were orphans and women without protection. Understood me, we know women can have economical independence, but we are not talking only of that, we are talking about protection in a representation level, do you understand?» The one who talks like this is Zakaria Maza, director of the At-Tawa Mosque in Granada. «That is why we have reclaimed that the possibility of official legalization of polygamy. If the Government has legalised the weddings betweeen homosexual people, why polygamy cannot be?»
The legalization of the homosexual marriages, a year ago, opened the door for groups like Muslims in Spain reclaimed the legalization of something they live now in semi-clandestinity: beign married with more than one wife. While in France there are between 8.000 and 20.000 polygamous families, in Spain there are no official data, nor approximated estimations. Either the Muslims nor the authorities know it, but there are.

I am going to finish this post with two very good news. The first is related to Queen Sofia of Spain and her official trip to Saudi Arabia.These are her photos:

As you can see, no headscarve, dressed in bright colors and with a skirt at half her royal calves. A magnificent gesture in favour of women's rights that is underlined by the other women that appear with her in the photo. As English would say, God Bless the Queen.

Also UK has extradited an ALQaeda terrorist to Spain
Budhiba, arrested in the UK in August 2004, was indicted by judge Baltasar Garzon in the September 11, 2001 bombings case for forming part of the Spanish cell that provided false identification and passports for the 9-11 bombers

Posted by Eurabian at April 18, 2006 1:41 PM

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