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April 18, 2006

America is the greatest nation on Earth (but what is she going to do about Iran?)

There are other countries in the world that agree America is the greatest nation on earth, Americans know that, but what is really important to us is to be free and safe. We have to recognize that there are those out there who want to destroy us, from without, from within, any way they can. This is a pivotal time in our short history as a nation. How are we going to respond?

America is the greatest nation on Earth and it does have the ability to defend the world against regimes like Iran and its allies. It can prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. It can take those weapons out of North Korea's hands. It can bring Damascus to its knees and force it to cough up Iraq's arsenal of pathogens. And no, military might is not the only way for it to accomplish these tasks.

But America cannot, and it will not accomplish any of these goals if it continues to abide by strategies and frameworks that serve only to strengthen its enemies and permit its "allies" to behave perfidiously. It cannot and will not defend the world from evil, demonic regimes like Iran's if it continues to allow the likes of the EU, Russia, Egypt and China to undercut its will at every turn.

This week Teheran threw down the gauntlet. The greatest battle of this war - the battle to prevent the world's most dangerous regime from attaining the most dangerous weapons known to man -- has begun. The moment has arrived for President George W. Bush to make clear if he is, in the final analysis, the leader of the free world or its undertaker. From Caroline B. Glick, in "The Fateful Hour Has Arrived"

According to a recent article by Seymour Hersh in the New Yorker, the US military has moved from contingency to operational planning to prepare for an attack on Iran. Former US intelligence operative William Arkin has revealed in the Washington Post that the Bush Administration actually started preparing for a war against Iran as early as 2002. No one seems to be paying much attention to Seymour Hersh, but I expect we have more than one 'plan of attack' in the works for Iran. At least I hope so.

Everyone has an opinion on Iran. The Globe says it's time to stand up to Iran's bluster. Fred Kaplan at Slate thinks President Bush should take them up on their offer--should, in fact, come to the table with a full negotiating agenda--not as an act of appeasement but as a hard-headed security calculation.

Senator Joe Lieberman thinks, as a last resort it [the United States] could attempt to knock out "some of the components" in order to "delay and deter it,"

The San Francisco Chronicle says the president of Iran is playing right into the hands of the hawks within the Bush administration who have designs on a military strike against the country. Right, like we actually wanted a confrontation with a nuclear Iran.

Russia isn't going to help the US in the United Nations, they are still against any sanctions because they have financial and military ties to Iran.

By Iran's statements, it seems they want a confrontation. Iran's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned on Tuesday Iran would "cut the hand of any aggressor" Iran isn't slowing down for anybody. Iran tests device to improve uranium processing is just the latest.

Under Ahmadinejad, many civil servants appointed by the government of former President Mohammad Khatami have been replaced by officials, and as many as 60 ambassadors across the globe are set to be replaced.

Iran, along with Syria and Saudi Arabia, are funding the terrorist group Hamas as well as other groups like Islamic Jihad, Hezbullah,... with a pledge of 50 million for the Palestinians.

It's bad enough that Iran has gone nuclear, but now the president promises to share Iran's nuclear knowledge with 'poor nations'. Now Iran says it is developing advanced P-2 centrifuges. Some experts believe they already have these centrifuges.

While their building continues, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for a propaganda campaign among Islamic nations against Israel, saying, "To defeat the Zionist regime (Israel) we need solidarity among the Islamic world and use of new methods such as staging effective propaganda to disclose the inhuman and blood-thirsty nature of the regime to all nations."

Iran has regular marches displaying their military might while at the same time Ahmadinejad says their military is 'for peace'. Out of the other side of his mouth he says, "Our military confides in God, the united military with strong will, is ready to battle for Gods path,"

What did Hitler sound like to those hearing him speak in the 1930s? Did he sound any less menacing than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran?

So with all that ammunition pointed at the USA and Israel, what are we going to do? President Bush and Condi Rice are still pushing 'diplomacy', but we all know that won't work with Iran. What can we do? Blockades to prevent Iran from shipping it's oil? Precision strikes at the known nuclear sights? Assistance for regime change? All of the above?

So what's it going to be? All talk and no action while Iran continues to build and produce? Remember, with Ahmadinejad Islam and the coming armageddon come first, anything else is way down on his list of priorities.

Cross posted at Right Truth

Posted by Debbie at April 18, 2006 12:51 PM

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