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April 18, 2006

Iran and Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Of all the Palestinian terrorist organizations, the PIJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) is the one with the closest ties to Iran and which receives more Iranian aid, especially financial, than any other. For Iran (and for other countries which support international terror), money is one of the most important tools for operating terrorist infrastructures, in this case in the PA-administered territories as well as for encouraging the activities of various Palestinian terrorist organizations. According both to captured PA documents and the statements of terrorists arrested and interrogated, the terrorist organizations operating with Iranian support, that is, the PIJ, Hamas and Hezbollah, regularly receive large sums of money from Iran.

With that it mind, it should be noted that Iran is practically the PIJ's only source of funding. The organization's annual budget has been estimated at several million dollars, a large percentage of which is earmarked for funding terrorist attacks carried out by its operatives against Israel and maintaining its terrorist apparatus: offices, salaries, weapons and explosives, as well as financial aid to the families of casualties and detainees.
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Posted by Doc at April 18, 2006 6:59 AM

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