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April 18, 2006

A 'Suicide Bombing' For The World To Hear?

11b_0.jpegThe 21-year-old Palestinian (read "death cult") suicide bomber who struck a packed fast-food restaurant in Tel Aviv during the Jewish holiday of Passover, killing nine people and wounding dozens, in the context of recent statements by the Palestinian government, Iran and Syria, including the one of Hamas that the bombing was a legitimate response to Israeli "aggression," has inspired Israel's U.N. ambassador to warn that we are seeing "clear declarations of war".

Ambassador Dan Gillerman cautioned that a new "axis of terror" - Iran, Syria and the Hamas-run Palestinian government - was sowing the seeds of the first world war of the 21st century.

"A dark cloud is looming above our region, and it is metastasizing as a result of the statements and actions by leaders of Iran, Syria, and the newly elected government of the Palestinian Authority," he said.

The Israeli U.N. ambassadors' warning should not be taken as hollow rhetoric, particularly in light of Iran's recent statements and the connections between Iran-Hezbollah-Islamic Jihad, Iran-Hamas, Iran/Syria-Islamic Jihad, and Iran/Syria/Hamas.

The time has come for the Left to finally take the gun out of their mouths and recognize that much of the global terrorism we are seeing is but a warm-up to what's to come in the future. Even worse, Iran's nuclear threat is real, and by refusing to stand up against the Khomeinist regime now, the Americans and Europeans (and their allies in the Arab world) are much more likely to have to fight an even bigger and costlier war against a nuclear-armed foe in the future - and we're talking about a not-too-distant future.

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Posted by Richard at April 18, 2006 9:11 AM

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