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September 15, 2007

IRINN Says American Movies Politically Motivated

Broadcast 15 September on Iranian state satellite TV (IRINN)

Elham Jalali Farhani, Journalist Club correspondent: In recent
years, as in the past, the White House has created an organic
relationship with Hollywood to use the power of the media to advance
its political objectives.

Crossposted to The Satellite News.

One of the methods of encouraging youth to join the army is Pentagon cooperation with Hollywood. Among the most important examples of coooperation between the Pentagon and Hollywood was the making of the film Pearl Harbor. For the making of this film the aircraft carrier John C. [Stennis] was moved from San Diego Harbor to Pearl Harbor.

In general American policy is based on the principle of creating a crisis first, then deciding what to do. They made the film the framework for this exercise. In other words they present the situation in the film first then create an artificial crisis. Then they make a final decision based on the public response.

In recent years they have concentrated their efforts on Iran. This is actually the height of cooperation between the CIA, the Pentagon and Hollywood.

Films such as the War of the Worlds, 300, Persepolis, Alexandria, Not without My Daughter, Independence Day and many others try to tell the viewer that Iran is a threat to the world.

In the film Independence Day a space ship above the highest American building is seen as the Islamic Republic of Iran, casting the shadow of Islam everywhere. [chuckling] The interesting thing here is that the Americans, after a succession of political defeats, are making an imaginary film this time about the occupation of the spy nest.

George Clooney, based on cooperation between the CIA, Hollywood and the American government, will make a film about the escape of 6 American citizens from Tehran called Escape from Tehran based on the 1979 takeover of the American Embassy. The film is about Tony Mendez, a former American CIA agent and a master of disguise who acquired a mission during the hostage crisis. He was to get six Americans out of the country who were hidden in a Tehran safe house. This is being treated as a great Hollywood film. They have published six advertisements about the film, effectively deceiving Hollywood's prominent publications, and these publications have also published articles about this project.

Without a doubt political objectives have been and will be the most important motivations for the making of such fictitious films against the Iranian nation.

Since 11 September the United States has irreversibly changed its essence from republic to empire. America's leaders want to compare themselves to the Roman Empire, even though they do not know that much about the history of Rome!

Crossposted to The Satellite News.

Posted by John at September 15, 2007 3:24 PM

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