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Ahmadinezhad's Power Slipping in Iran

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IRINN Reports on Sydney APEC Meeting


September 8, 2007

IRINN Reports Black Friday Anniversary

Broadcast 8 September on Iranian state satellite TV (IRINN)

[female announcer] Today is Saturday 17 Shahrivar 1386 (8 September 2007). On this day in 1978 the people of Tehran were mercilessly slaughtered at Maryr Square [Zhaleh Square] by agent of the shah's regime.

[male announcer] On 18 Shahrivar 1357 [8 September 1978] agents of the despotic Pahlavi regime laid waste to the great demonstration by the people of the nation. On this day armed agents, after several warnings, viciously fired on the crowd with machine guns from the air and the ground. The mercenaries of the shah's regime even pursued and martyred the people who had taken refuge in the homes of others. The Pahlavi regime said the total number killed on black Friday was 58 and declared that this demonstration was a foreign operation. Although the number killed in this disaster has never been specified, it is clear that the figure was greater than 4,000!


The casualty figure of 4,000 is considered to be wildly exaggerated. See the Cyrus Kadivar's article A Question of Numbers for a more sober analysis of the casualties of the Iranian revolution, including those of the Zhaleh Square "Black Friday" demonstration.

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Posted by John at September 8, 2007 9:33 AM

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