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IRINN Reports Mossad Agents Bombed Samarra Mosque

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September 10, 2007

Iranian Pilgrims Fingerprinted in Saudi Arabia

Broadcast 10 September on Iranian state satellite TV (IRINN)

Iranian pilgrims were fingerprinted again in Saudia Arabia. An
official in our nation's Pilgrimage and Hajj Organization's
representative office in Saudi Arabia has said another caravan of
Iranian pilgrims performing the minor pilgrimage to Mecca were
fingerprinted at Jeddah Airport. This is the third caraan of Iranian
pilgrims to be fingerprinted in the last two weeks in Saudi Arabia.
Before this several high officials in the Foreign Ministry and the
Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization have said if we see that the
fingerprinting is being done deliberately and not randomly, we will
take a different approach to the matter..

Yesterday Hosseini, our nation's ambassador in Saudi Arabia, warned in a meeting with officials from this country that they must deal severely with certain hard-line individuals who are treating the Iranian pilgrims in an inappropriate way. Recently some hard-line salafist clerics have been creating problems for Iranian pilgrims in the area of the two shrines.


The use of the term "salafist" in this Iranian broadcast is considered derogatory and most likely refers to clerics from the Saudi Wahabi sect of Islam.

Crossposted to The Satellite News.

Posted by John at September 10, 2007 4:31 PM

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