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September 28, 2007

Ahmadinejad Returns Home, Describes New York

Broadcast 28 September on Iranian state satellite TV (IRINN)

This was broadcast live, moments after Mr. Ahmadinejad landed at Tehran's Mehrabad Airport on his return from the USA and South America.


If you remember, in an interview before the trip I said, today the nation of Iran is an idealistic society that has valuable and exalted messages for today's society. The nation of Iran has a program for managing the world and it has humane and effective ways to solve today's problems among nations.

The annual UN meeting is the best opportunity to present the views of the nation of Iran, a nation with roots in history, a nation that throughout history has been the standard-bearer of worshiping God, seeking justice, love for human beings and seeking peace and kindness. Iran is a nation that has founded many sciences and ideas for humanity, a nation that has had an unequaled share in the establishment of human civilization throughout history. This nation also has something to say today! It has things to say that have arisen from the revolution, from the teachings of pure Islam, and it has things to say that have risen from the views of those who are sincerely united with the world and have divine aspirations.

Well, an opportunity was found and I thank God I was allowed to be present as a child of the nation of Iran and as a small part of the nation of Iran to tell the people of the world about its positions and message.

Again I thank God I had an opportunity to describe some of the outstanding characteristics of this nation and to tell the truth about this nation's message there.

As I said, this trip had several parts. One part was appearing at the General Assembly, announcing the positions of the nation of Iran and presenting solutions for humanity's problems and needs. This was done; it was broadcast live and the nation of Iran knows about it. This was accorded a great welcome. After that I held meetings with the leaders of various nations. At the beginnings of these meetings I mentioned these same views and solutions. This was considered very important in diplomatic circles there and was debated. I hope we will be able to continue presenting these views and solutions in the context of world decision-making.

The second part of the trip to New York was our relation with the people's groups. We were invited to Columbia University to talk with the university people. You know the details. Various incidents took place surrounding the invitation, the attendance and the talks that were held there. In my view this was a great event.

Almighty God prepared a scene where two things were put on display. On the one side were all of the materialistic values, evils, and selfishness it is possible for a voracious, disunited and selfish group to have, and on the other side was the oppression of the nation of Iran, the purity of the Islamic messages and the purity of the messages to humanity from God-worshiping people.

It is interesting that materially this entire scenario was provided by those who wish ill for the nation of Iran. They mobilizd all the resources and made all the necessary provisions so that in their minds two things would happen. Either my appearance at these meetings would be canceled, or if the meetings did take place they would be made into noisy mock trials to destroy the image of the nation of Iran.

It might be interesting for you to know that three networks that broadcast everywhere in the world have been conducting a continuous and extensive psychological sabotage program for the last week. They have targeted the personality of the nation of Iran and its history, They have accused the nation of Iran over and over again of those things of which they consider themselves worthy. They have waged psychological warfare and made threats.

Night and day for about a week they invited the opponents of the nation of Iran to gather, demonstrate, confront and obstruct the representative of the nation of Iran. They designed a dark scenario there that was completely one-sided where everything was negative or regrettable.

A limited number of people were also able to gather in a hall to go along with what they wanted. What actually happened was completely the opposite, 180 degrees away from what they imagined with their small ideas. They collected an organized group of less than 200 hundred from Europe and America, some of whom did not even know why they had come. They only knew that they were supposed to protest and shout! They were mostly on the university lawn. In addition to them however were thousands of elite individuals who had come to listen and give support.

They also invited tens of student groups and university professors to attend with signs and leaflets; they supported the nation of Iran.

To show the depth of the issue, it is good for the nation of Iran to know that the telephone numbers they announced for those wishing to attend the meeting were organized in such a way that whoever made contact asking for a ticket to attend heard a recording repeating the same things against the nation of Iran and Ahmadinejad, who is a small part of it, to discourage them from attending.

Of course in my view they made a very big mistake. They put the reputation of all the domineering system's claims on the line, democracy based on materialism, materialistic thinking and all of the media, and beyond that they also sacrificed the reputation of a university and a center of knowledge. They pressured the president of a university to expend his academic credibility in the interest of the Zionists and the domineering system. Well, what happened is very clear.

After that I had a meeting with about 15 world leaders. I spoke with tens and hundreds of ordinary people and media owners, even various news groups who had come to the UN, diplomats who had come from various nations, and as soon as they came they had a one-sentence message: They said "we are with you."

Crossposted to The Satellite News.

Posted by John at September 28, 2007 11:48 PM

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