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July 2, 2007

UK Terror Suspects Include Two Hospital Doctors

The five current UK terror suspects being held in the wake of the failed car bombings in London and Glasgow include two hospital doctors. Although the majority of the five are not British, the fact that two well paid professional people are part of a terrorist cell says a lot about the depth of radicalism in the Muslim community.

As a Sky News reporter put it, "This is very far removed from the picture we normally have. These are professional people with highly paid jobs who are intent on killing people."

Story and video news report here ...

Incredibly, one of the doctors was one of men who tried to drive the blazing Jeep packed with petrol, gas canisters and nails into Glasgow Airport on Saturday. One of the doctors is believed to have played a key role in the planning of the terrorist attacks. Also, two of the five people arrested so far were a woman of 27 and her 26-year-old husband, boxed in by unmarked police cars as they drove on the M6 in Cheshire. She is reported to have been wearing a Muslim veil.


More great images here ...

Related: Are the bombings - failed or successful - aimed at achieving political targets at this point in time? Walid Phares says, most definitely:

... The "homegrown" versus the "international" mind game came back with a dizzying back and forth argument: Are the perpetrators "domestic" or "overseas" generated? One argument causing a different political resonation than the other, both unwanted by the dominant analysis: If the terrorists are "homegrown" the next question will reopen the debate about the so-called "radicalization of the British Muslim community." Obviously officials want to avoid the matter. If the terrorists are said to be "international," then the notion of "global war" would resurface, crumbling the advancing doctrine arguing otherwise. Worse would occur if it is learned that British citizens - claiming Jihadism - have indeed been in contact with outside terror networks (which in most cases would be logical). Then the analysis will go back to square one, a spot that many commentators have tried to get rid of, unsuccessfully. For very simply, the followers of Jihadism have no boundaries: homegrown and international are all part of a boundless ideology.

... all Jihadi attacks in the UK or on the continent at anytime wants to weaken the European resolve in pursuing what the US calls a War on terror. There is a standing order by al Qaeda and fatwas by Salafi clerics (and Khomeinist as well, although in a different context) asking members, allies, local and international to "strike into the heart of infidels, including the British." And that can't be taken lightly, cannot be dismissed and forms the core of the War against democracies. But in addition to standing orders, strategic considerations are also in play. There is little doubt that the Jihadi War room dealing with the UK wishes to test if not drag the new cabinet of Prime Minister Gordon Brown into "engagement." The focused psychological war against the Tony Blair cabinet by the Jihadi-Trotskyte axis has ended with his resignation. Now the British-based "axis" wants to demonize Brown by forcing his cabinet to respond and to be responded to. The Salafi move is clear ... but is Britain seeing clearly?

Continue reading - The Car Bomb Jihad: Is Britain seeing clearly?

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Posted by Abdul at July 2, 2007 1:36 AM

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