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July 2, 2007

Muslim Extremism In The UK Health Service: An Iraqi Junior Doctor And A 'Brilliant' Neurologist As Jihadists (Updated - And another one makes three)

ashaG0207_228x375.jpg(Update 2 in extended post - And Then There Were 5 Jihadi Doctors)

Mohammed Asha (right image), 26, the suspected ringleader of the failed bomb plot, has been called a 'brilliant neurologist'. Bilal Abdulla (also named Bilal Abdullah), 27, is an Iraqi junior doctor who is said to have completed his medical training in Baghdad. Both are NHS doctors. Dr Asha came top of his class at the University of Jordan in 2004 with an "excellent score" and has been practicing in Britain since 2005. Dr Abdullah is believed to have worked at the Royal Alexandra hospital in Paisley, four miles from the airport. So both are physicians working for the NHS, trained to treat the sick, and both are jihadists whose radical Islamic ideology and it's commitment to murder those that don't follow it replaced their sense of compassion and desire to heal.


[Bilal Abdullah being arrested by police - his medical career, as well as his brief career as a Muslim radical, are now over.]
Saudi-born Asha, 26, was arrested with his 27-year-old wife, who was in traditional Muslim dress, on the M6 in Cheshire on Saturday night.

They were in a car with their two-year-old son when police were believed to have been alerted to Dr Asha's car after his number plate flashed up on an automatic recognition camera.

He is believed to being questioned over possible links to the two Mercedes packed with gas canisters, petrol and nails found in the West End on Friday.

The couple were taken to London's Paddington Green Police Station to be questioned.

The General Medical Council said Dr Asha holds a provisional registration which enabled him to work in the NHS under supervision.

Obviously, the radical Islamonut required much more supervision than anyone previously thought, and suggests that there are surely more such Islamonazis out there that either need to be kicked out of the UK, or locked away in a very small cage for a very long time.
Another medic, Iraqi junior doctor Bilal Abdulla, who is said to have completed his medical training in Baghdad, was the man who tried to drive a blazing jeep into Glasgow airport, it was claimed this afternoon.

He is one of three NHS doctors arrested by police hunting the car bombers. He was named as Bilal Abdullah, 27, who was registered to practise in Britain three years ago.

Dr Abdullah is believed to have worked at the Royal Alexandra hospital in Paisley, four miles from the airport.

The other suspect involved in the attempted attack was severely burned and was too ill to be questioned.

As usual, the families of the jihadists believe this is all a big mistake and that the arrested jihadists aren't jihadists at all but simply victims of a Western government's hatred of Muslims. Yes, just another case of "innocent" jihadists following their "peaceful" beliefs - to murder as many people as they can in order to force the world to convert to Islam and sharia law.

Update: Three doctors among suspects in Britain terror plots - Investigators are focusing on at least three doctors believed to have played a role in the attempted terror attacks in London and Glasgow last week, sources said Monday. (hat tip - LGF)

Here's the latest video update from British TV: Glasgow Airport; Terrorist Attack update.

Posted at Hyscience earlier today.

Update 2: And Then There Were 5 Jihadi Doctors (Update - Are there now 6?)

Sky News reports that there are now five doctors who are being held in connection with the London - Glasgow attempted terror attacks. A total of eight people are now being held by police in connection with the attempted bombing in Scotland and two car bombs found in London's West End.

Update: Doctor arrested in Brisbane over UK terror plots, as the investigation of the plot reaches into Australia. So, are there now 6 jihadi doctors or is the Australian arrest included in the 5 reported earlier? From the article we learn that authorities in the UK announced the arrest earlier today, saying only that the arrest was made at "an undisclosed location". The BBC had reported that it was an overseas arrest. Likely, the jihadi doctor arrested in Australia is one of the 5, but it isn't yet clear.

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Richard at July 2, 2007 10:31 PM

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