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July 10, 2007

London 21/7 Bombers Failed Because 'Mastermind' Did Basic Arithmetic Wrong

A scribbled note found at the bomb factory showed that Ibrahim, who had failed maths GCSE, had wrongly calculated the ratio of ingredients, rendering the bombs harmless.


Obviously, the Islamist nutcases that tried to kill and maim dozens of Londoners with "bigger and better" explosions on public transport than the bombers a fortnight earlier who killed 52 people, should have spent more time learning math and less time reading the Koran and listening to race hate clerics Abu Hamza and Abdullah al Faisal, because none of the rucksack devices exploded.

As it turns out, ringleader Muktar Said Ibrahim (the dumb looking jerk at top far right in the above image), the plot's "mastermind," had a poor grasp of mathematics and wrongly calculated the ratio of ingredients needed to trigger the explosions. The nutcase had actually failed GCSE maths and screwed up the basic arithmetic:

... Ibrahim, 29, Yassin Omar, 26, Hussain Osman, 28, and Ramzi Mohammed, 25, were today convicted at Woolwich Crown Court of attempted murder and conspiracy to cause explosions. Each faces life in prison.

They operated from a bomb factory in a north London flat where they assembled their devices using hydrogen peroxide distilled from hair bleach and chapati flour and used "Mother of Satan" as a detonator. They targeted a bus in Shoreditch High Street and Tube trains at Warren Street and Oval.

For the first time it can be revealed that London was saved only by Ibrahim's lack of basic arithmetic.

... The gang Ibrahim assembled were the first in Britain to originate from the Horn of Africa. Some had been influenced and radicalised by race hate clerics Abu Hamza and Abdullah al Faisal.

Ibrahim tried to detonate his bomb on the bus in Shoreditch. Omar was responsible for the Warren Street bomb, and Mohammed took his device to the Oval.

After the bombs failed to detonate, there was widespread panic, enabling the conspirators to escape.

Omar later caught a bus to Birmingham wearing a full length burka and was arrested standing fully clothed in a bath holding a rucksack, similar to the one which had contained his bomb.

The would-be bombs, confirmed by scientists as potentially lethal, were made up of hydrogen peroxide, distilled from 440 litres of hair bleach, mixed with chapati flour and high explosive TATP used as a detonator, known to the bombers as "the mother of Satan."

Continue reading: 21/7 bombers failed to kill dozens as 'mastermind' could not do maths.

These guys are going away for life in a prison cell; a fitting end for Islamists. They were willing to dedicate their time on earth to hating and learning how not to assimilate into the society that offers them freedom and opportunities for a better life. More time spent on their education and a greater willingness to work, juxtaposed with less Koran and mad mullahs, could have given resulted in them having an entirely different end. As it is now, no 72 virgins, no life in the real world, and no freedom. Only a closed cell in which to waste away their lives because they plotted to end the lives of others.

Hat tip - Maggio O

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Abdul at July 10, 2007 8:06 AM

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