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June 19, 2007

Senate Immigration Bill A National Security Nightmare

According to the Heritage Foundation, proponents of the Senate's comprehensive immigration bill are attempting to rhetorically recast the massive amnesty proposal as national security legislation, claiming that it would encourage or even compel all illegal aliens--terrorists included--to come forward and reveal their true identities as well as any criminal or terrorist connections that they may have. However, as the Heritage Foundation points out, in reality, the legislation would actually create a national security problem by providing new opportunities and advantages for alien terrorists currently operating on American soil:

Supporters of the Senate's comprehensive immigration reform bill have revived it under the guise of national security. However, the new public relations campaign is a farce. The bill offers alien terrorists new pathways to obtain legal status, which will make it easier for them to carry out deadly attacks against American citizens.

The top priority in this bill is extending amnesty as quickly and easily as possible to as many illegal aliens as possible. The cost of doing so is to jeopardize national security.

As Jonathan Gurwitz says at MySanAntonio.com, the American people are not against immigration, but they are dead set against foreigners who flout their laws. And six years after a grievous attack on our homeland, and facing a persistent terrorist threat, we are all understandably concerned about national security.
And two decades after a comprehensive immigration reform package that granted amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants but delivered little in the way of border security and immigration enforcement, the American people understandably distrust politicians -- some of whom were responsible for the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 -- who are now repackaging a remarkably similar bill of goods.

... the American people are magnanimous, but not foolish. A trail of broken promises and duplicitous fine print engenders a justifiable skepticism of government. If there's going to be comprehensive reform in 2007 that garners broad public support, progress on security and enforcement will have to precede the much-needed liberalization of our antiquated immigration laws.

Simply put, there's no way in hell that the American people are going to buy what the Kennedy-McCain amnesty bill for illegal aliens will do to our national security. Politicians that work to force it down the throats of the American people can look forward to new imployment after the next election. In the meanwhile, every American citizen needs to make sure their voice is heard by contacting their senator and telling them no to amnesty for illegal aliens, no to anything less than absolute border security first, and no to destroying our social security system.

Posted by Abdul at June 19, 2007 11:29 PM

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