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June 8, 2007

Bad Immigration Think 101: For This They Were Willing To Sell Out Their Constituency?

In a striking defeat for the Open Borders Lobby, the sweeping immigration overhaul endorsed by President Bush crumbled in the Senate on Thursday night, leaving the future of one of the administration's chief domestic priorities in serious doubt. Senate bill S. 1348 failed to get the needed Cloture votes two twice yesterday, causing Senator Harry Reid to pull the bill from the floor. Supporters of cutting off debate got only 45 of the 60 votes they needed; 50 senators opposed the cutoff (38 Republicans, 11 Democrats and one independent voted not to shut off debate). That's the good news.

But why did 7 Republicans support it ?

John Hawkins' at Right Wing News asked his "personal inside source" in the Senate if his boss has been hearing from his constituents on this bill and what the for and against ratio was. He said that they have received thousands and thousands of calls and the ratio was something like 95%-98% against the bill. John then asked his source why he thought so many Republicans had been supporting such an incredibly unpopular bill. He gave three reasons that in my mind, are the best reasons I can think of for making sure the senator that exercised such reasoning is voted the hell out of office.

So I ask you, are any of these reasons worth supporting such an incredibly unpopular bill that is clearly, at least in the minds of conservatives, against the interests of the country?

... the "Rovian School of thought," which says passing this bill would capture the Hispanic vote for the GOP for decades to come.

... heavily influenced by business groups that want cheap labor no matter what the cost is for the rest of the country.

... willing to sign onto a terrible bill just so they could say they were part of a big reform that had bipartisan support.

I didn't think so either ....

John Hawkins has more on The Inside Story Of How The Senate Immigration Bill Died.

Posted by Abdul at June 8, 2007 10:32 PM

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