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June 5, 2007

60% of UK Muslims Deny 7/7 Bombings (Video)

A new poll of British Muslims by Channel 4 shows that nearly 25% of British Muslims believe the UK government was behind the 7/7 London bombings that killed 52 commuters on the London transport system, and 60% believe that Muslims played no part in it:

The extent of scepticism among Muslims of the official version of events emerged in a Channel 4 News survey of 500 British Muslims, carried out by GFK NOP. The results are bound to be disconcerting for the government as it seeks to isolate Islamist extremists in Britain.

... The poll showed that 24% of Muslims believed the four men identified as the bombers were not actually responsible for the attacks and 52% thought the security services fabricated evidence to convict terrorist suspects. Almost two third (68%) believed that the Muslim community did not bear any responsibility for the emergence of extremists willing to attack UK targets, although 58% felt that Muslims should do more to prevent extremism.

... Some of those interviewed by Channel 4 claimed the CCTV images of the four men arriving at Luton station en route to London were faked. Some also dismissed as fake the "martyrdom" videos left by Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer, in which they admitted to the atrocities.

Here is a disturbing 8-minute video clip on the survey posted by kasper10623 at YouTube. It features interview after interview with Muslims who deny Muslim involvement and come up with conspiracy theories that mostly center aroung - "the government did it"!!! (hat tip - LGF).

(After seeing the video to the end, you''re left asking yourself, "Why did the British ever let these people in their country in the first place, and why do they let them stay". From the report, it appears that a large number of British Muslims have a world view that is simply not of this century, they're like children wanting to blame others for the failures of their own ideology, they see themselves as victims, not the enablers of terrorism that they indeed are. Many of these people are in fact ready-made and primed for committing terrorism and/or the denial of Muslim involvement in it.)

Posted by Abdul at June 5, 2007 3:45 PM

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