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April 17, 2007

Spanish Communist leader to convert to Islam?

Gaspar Llamazares, general coordinator of United Left, has been living for some months, in a spiritual crossroad that can lead him to convert to Islam, as has declared to Alerta Digital, the MP and president from the Commission of Spanish-Moroccan Friendship in the Parliament of Rabat, Yahia Yahia, one of the politicians of the neighbouring Kingdon who has better contacts with the Spanish MPs. It seems that Llamazares' conversion has been one of the best guarded secrets in his entourage. Yahia commented to our newspaper that, according to his informations, Llamazares has been lectured throughout some months by one of the main authorities of the Islamic religion in Spain. According to the same sources, during some months, with expert teachings, Llamazares has been studying and meditating on the Koram and other various religious treaties that "could had driven him to find the inner peace that all human beings are searching for". "It's very normal", he continues, "that a lot of European Communists end coverting themseleves to the Muslim faith". He also comments an important percentage: 70% of the Spanish citizens who converted into Islam in the last 15 years come from organisations belonging to the radical left or to anti-system groups.
More here.
Also posted on Hyscience and MNM.

Posted by Eurabian at April 17, 2007 5:39 AM

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