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April 30, 2007

Iraq's FM: al-Qaeda Exploiting U.S. Disunity Over War

What most conservatives have been trying to tell the Democrats for more than two years continues to be proven true on the battlefield; the Democrats' onslaught against every Bush administration attempt to adjust to the changing tactics and strategy of the enemy, albeit as in every war mistakes have been made, is being exploited by al Qaeda, which in turn steps up attacks to hasten a withdrawal. Simply put, the Democrats' plan to pull U.S. troops from Iraq is working less than the Bush administration's plan to keep them there. Clearly, al-Qaeda prefers the Democrats' plan, and that speaks loudly to the harm being done by the Democrats to the interests of the U.S.

Although, as we've come to expect, today's Reuters report incredibly attempts to place the blame on the administration, essentially saying that it's the administration's fault that Congress isn't united because of President Bush's threatened veto, rather than Congress' fault for threatening to force a pullout of the troops from Iraq, even Reuters can't camouflage the fact that al-Qaeda wants a pullout and it is the potential pullout that they are working to encourage by stepping up the violence:

The political battle in Washington over a Democratic plan to pull U.S. troops from Iraq is being exploited by al Qaeda, which has stepped up attacks to hasten a withdrawal, Iraq's foreign minister said on Sunday.

Hoshiyar Zebari said Iraq had become "entangled" in domestic politics in the United States, where there is growing impatience for progress in reconciling the country's warring sects.

U.S. President George W. Bush has vowed to veto a war spending bill that requires combat troops to begin withdrawing by Oct. 1. Congress, which is controlled by the Democrats, plans to send the bill to Bush on Tuesday.

"This plays out very badly here," Zebari said in an interview with Reuters, making the first substantive government comment on the political tussle.

"It shows the administration is not united. And everybody watches this development, al Qaeda, the anti-democratic forces who are fighting us."

He pointed to an increase in car bomb attacks blamed on al Qaeda that have caused the civilian death toll to stay high despite a major 10-week-old operation by U.S. and Iraqi troops in Baghdad, the epicentre of the violence.

"This recent escalation you have seen was expected, just to show the Baghdad security plan is not working. If this plan were to fail, then the next step is for the multinational forces to withdraw. That is their simple strategy," Zebari said.

... "Iraq is entangled now with electoral agendas in other countries, so demands have been made, benchmarks have been set. These pressures adversely affect developments here. Our enemies really exploit those differences," Zebari said.

[...] "We need to be patient here in Iraq. If you look back over the past four years ... there have been unbelievable changes. For these changes to take root you need to be patient."

"The problem is patience is in short supply in Washington and Europe. They are looking for quick fixes, immediate results. There are no quick fixes."

Only two days ago we said that there should be no doubt that the Democrats' "debate" encouraged terrorists, as evidenced by comments from Abu Jihad and Abu Nasser Aziz, two of the leaders of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror organization:

... Abu Jihad said he believes if elected to the White House, the Democrats will immediately order a withdrawal from Iraq. He warned if a retreat is not carried out, the U.S. will likely be attacked on the home front.

... "The (Democrat) debate showed that like in Vietnam the American people needed these thousands of soldiers killed to see that invading other people will always result in a failure. ... I think the Democrats will win and apply an immediate withdrawal, but if they don't (withdraw), the revolutionary movements in Iraq will intensify attacks, and I think you should prepare for another big attack in the U.S."

Abu Nasser Aziz, the deputy commander of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the northern West Bank, told WND last night's Democrat primary debate proved "the invasion of Iraq was judged by Allah to be a failure.

In the same post we also noted that we should not forget that Al Qaeda's happiness with the election results that put the Democrats in power was confirmed by Abu Ayyub al-Masri, leader of al Qaeda in Iraq.

The doubt should end, even in the naive minds of the Left: al-Qaeda prefers the Democrats' plan; the Democrats' plan to pull U.S. troops from Iraq is working less than the Bush administration's plan to keep them there: It's the pullout that al-Qaeda is seeking, and the Democrats' plan will give them exactly that. What part of this is so difficult to understand?

Related - Captain Ed: Good News In Anbar:

Just as the Democrats have raised the white flag on Iraq, the New York Times reports that the surge strategy has started paying off in Anbar. Shops have reopened, people have moved back, and everyone's challenging the insurgents except Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. (via Memeorandum)

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Posted by Richard at April 30, 2007 8:27 AM

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