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March 5, 2007

Whittling Away At Our Existing Order, UK Muslims Continue To Demand Special Attention

Muslim schools in the UK continue to get special treatment while demanding the same from the UK's public schools. Readers may recall that last month, King Fahad Academy, a west London school funded by the Saudi government, was condemned for using text books that described Jews as "pigs". At the same time, the Muslim Council of Britain accused state schools of failing to respect Muslim wishes and called on headmasters to open prayer rooms, introduce single changing cubicles, overhaul sex education and reschedule exams outside Ramadan. Now we are learning that more than half of private Muslim schools have not been inspected for five years, while some have not received a full inspection for a decade:

News of the apparent gaps in monitoring comes as questions are being raised about whether some Muslim schools are adequately preparing children for life in Britain. The Government recently closed an Islamic school in East Sussex, which was raided by police as part of an anti-terror operation, because it did not meet registration standards.
Does anyone care to guess how much time is spent on "Islamic studies" in the Muslim schools? Why should Muslims expect different treatment than everyone else in the country? There's more to Londonistan than meets the eye!

Referring to similar behavior in America, Daniel Pipes has pointed out:

"While Muslim demands to change our history and accommodate their religious sensitivities may seem relatively minor in and of themselves, implying no drastic alterations in existing American arrangements but rather only slight adjustments in our already expansive accommodation of social "diversity," cumulatively, however, by whittling away at the existing order, they would change the country's whole way of life--making Islam a major public presence, ensuring that both the workplace and the educational system accommodate its dictates and strictures, adapting family customs to its code of conduct, winning it a privileged position in American life, and finally imposing its system of law."

Quick take home message: Modern secular Muslims do not demand or expect special treatment, but Islamists do. Islamists support jihad and the Islamization of the West.

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Richard at March 5, 2007 7:49 AM

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