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February 13, 2007

Was The Trolley Square Attack A Case Of Terrorism in Salt Lake City? (Updated)

I've received at least a dozen emails today asking whether or not I was going to comment on the murders at Trolley Square and whether or not we are looking at another "personal jihad" by a another "deranged muslim youth." Apparently Rusty Shackleford at Jawa Report has been thinking the same thing.

Rusty suggests that we might give a little thought to the possiblility that Sulejman Talovic being a Muslim refugee just might have something to do with his vile murderous act, and since "we are kind of at war with the jihadis," it does seem like a good place to start.

Related: Charles at LGF has the same idea - "Sudden jihad syndrome?"

I use to live in Park City and use to frequently shop at Trolley Square in Salt Lake City. I still have many friends there and several of them are asking these very same questions.

Serbiana - Bosnian Muslim goes on a killing spree in US mall:

The 18-year-old man who shot and killed at least five people Monday night has been identified as Sulejmen Talovic, a Bosnian refugee who lived in Salt Lake City.

... The Bosnian community, which numbers about 3,000 in Utah, planned a news conference later this afternoon.

WorldNetDaily - Utah gunman, 18, was Muslim from Bosnia:
The 18-year-old gunman who killed five people in a crowded Utah shopping mall was a Bosnian Muslim refugee who was prepared to kill many more, say investigators.
Chron.com - The teenager wanted "to kill a large number of people" and probably would have killed many more if not for the off-duty officer, Police Chief Chris Burbank said.

Given the information in the updates, it's beginning to look like we do have a case of "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" being played down on the part of the media.

Update 2: AC - Jihad at Trolley Square

Update 3: After an exchange of telephone calls with several people with access to information about the investigation, I am told that (at least officially) there is no evidence that this was anything other than the act of a very disturbed youth. No journal, no note, etc ..... Yet!

Update 4: Acquaintances shed light on life of Utah gunman:

People close to the family of Sulejman Talovic say the Bosnian immigrant was only four when he and his mother fled their village on foot after it was overrun by Serbian forces. They say Talovic spent five years living as a refugee in Bosnia before his family moved to the US.

During his time as a refugee, they say he spent time in an enclave where up to 8,000 Muslim men and boys would be slaughtered in 1995.

Talovic left before the massacre, but acquaintances say it may have left a mark on him.

A family friend says he's convinced "the war did this in Utah."

Posted by Richard at February 13, 2007 11:54 PM

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