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February 28, 2007

Surge Surging Ahead In Sadr City

It's beginning to look like the Maliki government meant what it said when it gave the green light to the new rules of engagement in Baghdad and around the country, and that the surge is working:

Shi'ite militias have been confronted and shut down, including "rogue" Mahdi elements. Sadr City is no longer a sanctuary for death squads. If the Mahdis continue to stand down, the pacification of Sadr City may come sooner than expected -- and the surge will have proven itself successful.
But from what we see on cable news and the print media, one would have a hard time realizing the extent of the surge's success so far. The American public would be much more aware of the results of those four fundamental adjustments President Bush made to the previous Iraq "strategy" and that the operation to secure Baghdad has been wildly successful thus far (the "attacks and killings" in the city having "dropped by 80 percent" since the implementation of the security plan) were the media as aggressive in reporting the good news from Iraq as it is in reporting the bad.

As "California Yankee" has so aptly noted (ht - Family Security Matters), ""Al-Sadr has fled or is in hiding, arrests of bad guys are up, and attacks are down. No wonder [the Democrat] party is so opposed to the so-called surge" and the rest of the President's newly-enacted plan. "It seems to be working.""

Related: Leaders from the two services say the Army and Marine Corps units that will make up the 21,500-troop surge to Iraq will meet the same standards of training as every unit that deploys and have all the equipment they need to accomplish the mission, in spite of what Pelosi and her ilk have to say.

Other coverage: Austin Bay: Troop surge isn't the only change in Iraq strategy

Posted by Richard at February 28, 2007 12:48 PM

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