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February 21, 2007

More On That Sudden Jihad Syndrome in SLC: Muslim Forum in Utah lied about shooter's background - policeman's killing of Talovic "Youthful Islamic Chivalry"

According to a Middle East Monitor 2/21/07 update, we learn that:

One week after Bosnian Muslim Sulejman Talovic killed six people in a Utah shopping mall the FBI and the police claim to have found "no motive" for the attack yet they issued statement within 48 hours that it 'was not terrorism related'. This despite the father's repeated claims that 'someone pushed his son to do it- and gave him the guns' plus a video tape which appears to give credence to witnesses claims that Talovics shouted Allahu Akhbar before being killed.The killer's father Soljo Talovic, fought in Bosnia as a muhajideen (as did other Bosnian refugees in the SLC community) so his assertion that other people had pushed his son to murder should have been enough to doubt the claim that the killings are not terror related. It was also established that the killer's father is a congregant at the Noor mosque which was close the the shopping center where the massacre took place.
Also via MIM, according to some accounts which seem to be confirmed by the videotape soundtrack, Sulejman Talovic shouted "Allahu Akhbar" several times during the shootout with the police just before he was killed. This was never written about in the MSM media. Surely those who were present in the mall would have clearly heard these shouts and a police examination of the soundtrack from the following video could easily determine this conclusively:

Much more here ...

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Posted by Richard at February 21, 2007 1:17 PM

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