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February 6, 2007

'Londonistan': Monster Mega Mosque Planned For London

Why is a monster mega mosque being built in London where a simple and small mosque currently stands? Importantly, where is the money to build it coming from?
Some say it will be the biggest Islamic in-road into Christendom in 400 years: a gigantic mosque complex, the likes of which the West has never seen.

The group behind the development is called Tablighi Jamaat (meaning "proselytizing group" an association of Islamic fundamentalists whose aim is to spread their creed throughout the world), and it is known to have ties to al-Qaeda. The shoe bomber Richard Reid was associated with Tablighi Jamaat, as were two of the 7/7 bombers who struck London's public transport system in 2005. Much of the funding for the project is set to come from the Middle East, and so concerned are people about the proposals that even some moderate British Muslims have stated their opposition to the mosque being built and created a petition against it.

... Already England's capital city contains more mosques than any other in the Western world, and plans have been continuously rumored for an enormous modern Muslim complex which would create an Islamic village in London's East End.

... Although the mosque would dwarf many of England's Christian cathedrals, it is not the size of the proposals that is the main concern, but rather the group behind the proposed establishment.

According to Pipeline News, Tablighi [also Tabligh] Jamaat originated in India but is active in Pakistan, and has long been involved in terrorism.

The group has created spin off organizations including Harakat ul-Jihad-i Islami and Harakat ul-Mujahideen. which has conducted airline hijackings and mass murders.

... Middle east scholar Alex Alexiev calls TJ "wolves in sheep's clothing" quoting the FBI's Deputy Chief of International Terrorism who said there is "a significant presence of Tablighi Jamaat in the United States...and we have found that Al-Qaeda used them for recruiting now and in the past."

... It is believed that London bombing kingpin Mohammad Sidique Khan, leader of the July 7 might have been associated with Tablighi Jamaat.

...Quoting from an investigative piece by MSNB:

"If al-Qaida needed a fresh set of bodies in order to pull an operation, one of the places that they would go to for that fresh set of bodies would be Tablighi Jamaat, whether it's in the United States or not," says former FBI agent Steve Denny, who has investigated members of Tablighi."
This makes it all the more surprising that the Blair government would be so tolerant of such a huge potential terror risk.

Not only are American security officials highly suspicious of the group behind the new mosque, but so are members of London's Muslim community:

Dr Irfan al-Alawi, Chairman of the Muslim Heritage Foundation opposes the building of the mosque, saying it is an obvious security risk.

"I think, yes. Once the youth have been brainwashed, and been captured by the satanic ideology of the Tablighis, yes, it will come as a very hard-hitting movement...The person who is really behind it is Ken Livingstone," al-Alawi said." [source CBN news ]

Livingstone is the notorious "Red Ken" the anti-Semitic mayor of London and his support of this monstrosity is indicative of the still growing unholy alliance between the left and the Islamists.

The mega mosque brings British journalist and author Melanie Phillips' latest book, Londonistan, to mind. In her book she argues that Islamist terrorists and their sympathizers are using Britain's liberal and multicultural values to destroy it from within - and the British government is appeasing them in the process.

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Hat tip - kasper1062

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Posted by Richard at February 6, 2007 9:16 PM

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