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February 2, 2007

Iraq Not A Religious War - Integral Part Of WOT

Iranian-born journalist Amil Taheri says at the NY Post today that what's happening in Iraq is neither a civil nor a sectarian war, rather a political one - between those who wish Iraq to succeed as a new democracy and those who want it to fail:

Those who want the new Iraq to succeed represent the overwhelming majority of Iraqis of all ethnic and religious backgrounds. Those who want it to fail are made up of Saddamite bitter-enders, some misguided pan-Arab nationalists, death squads financed by Tehran - and a variety of non-Iraqi terrorist outfits who have come to Iraq to kill and die in the name of their perverted vision of Islam.
In short, he says that the the war in Iraq is part of the broader war against terrorism and its many dark forces. His points are well worth reading.

Related reading: Successes and Setbacks in the "Long War" :

· The West's continued commitment in the War on Terror is shallow and subject to the whims of popular opinion and distraction by partisan politics. Since when are wars won by opinion polls and focus groups? The enemy's dedication to ultimate victory cannot be questioned, while the will of the West and its allies to achieve final and complete victory is continually undermined by internal distractions, an unwillingness to sacrifice, and entire political movements dedicated to appeasement, self-blame, retreat and capitulation.

· The Leftist ideology of "Tolerance, Political Correctness, Diversity and Multiculturalism" continues to paralyze, demoralize, and severely undermine the ability to both fight and win the ideological, cultural and religious war in which the United States, and Western Civilization as a whole, is currently embroiled.

Posted by Richard at February 2, 2007 8:11 AM

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