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January 21, 2007

We Can Fight This War Against Radical Islam Or We Can Die!

Today's must-read commentary comes from the Frank Salvato via The Washington Times: "The choice is clear. We can both abandon the multicultural politically correct fantasy of an ideologically symbiotic utopia with those who practice radical Islam and fight this war to win or we can die" :

[...] Abandoning the failed experiment of multiculturalism perhaps a bit too late, many countries in Europe are scrambling to protect their national identities while experiencing a diminishing birthrate among their people. According to reproductive rates, the world's population will be consumed by those who practice the Islamic ideology through simple demographics in a few generations. By the shear power of their numbers they will be able to inundate and monopolize any democracy on the face of the Earth. No amount of military might can overcome this inevitability.

It is precisely because of the probability of the future Muslim-dominated demographic that we must engage radical Islam on the ideological battlefield as well as the military, diplomatic and economic. Islam must undergo the equivalent of Christianity's Reformation. Otherwise, in the long run, we will lose.

[...] Without doubt, I continue to fully advocate elimination, by any means, of those who choose to slaughter in the name of Allah. With lunatics like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hassan Nasrallah close to attaining nuclear and biochemical weapons, we have no choice but to continue engaging them militarily anywhere and everywhere around the world.

But we must recognize that if we do not engage radical Islamist ideologically, challenging their violent and totalitarian ways, if we do not empower willing Muslims to establish an alternative, we invite the radicals among them to wait out our military and diplomatic efforts as simple reproduction brings about the end of Western civilization.

It is well past time that the political arguments over this conflict were laid to rest. The naive notion that disengagement will bring peace is shortsighted and purveyed only by those ignorant of the true nature of the threat. If the West chooses retreat and appeasement, we will seal our own death warrants.

Read it all here ...

Why is it that so many Americans fail to recognize and understand the threat all of us face from radical Islam. Our enemy, radical Islamists who employ terrorism as their chief military tactic want us all to convert to Islam, live under Shariah Law, or die. What part of this is so difficult to understand?

Posted by Richard at January 21, 2007 11:44 AM

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