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January 15, 2007

So, What Happens If We Walk Away?

Noting the fundamental tenet of journalism that you have to examine all sides of an issue, Jules Crittenden calls attention to the question that only "gets lip service and brief mentions as a nod to fairness to the hated administration and its supporters," and he points to "What happens if we lose?" (video):

... Had we not invaded Iraq, the sanctions regime would have collapsed by now, and Saddam, like the Iranians, would have an active nuclear weapons program. We would be looking at two murderous regimes in an arms race, not one.

... we would have little ability to control and influence events in one of the most critical regions of the world, the one where all the oil is, the one that produces the bulk of the world's terrorism.

These are not hypotheticals. Key elements of the above could still come true. All we have to do is walk away.

Think about it.

There's another way to ask the question: What should we do when a self-declared enemy states in no uncertain terms that they want to kill you and defeat your forces to the point of annihilation you are smart to believe them and to act accordingly.

In today's conflict we don't have the luxury of simply leaving and declaring victory. This time our enemy - radical Islamists who employ terrorism as their chief military tactic - want us all to convert to Islam, live under Sharia Law or die. This time the tolerant mindset we have fallen into will culminate in the demise, the annihilation, the end of our country. This time, the enemy won't be satisfied with our soldiers simply leaving the battlefield. This time the enemy is going to follow us home.
Irregardless of the way we pose the pertinent questions, it's "fish or cut bait" time to use every tool in the war against radical Islam - including that of spending more time fighting the enemy instead of the administration.

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Richard at January 15, 2007 6:52 AM

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