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January 1, 2007

More On Saddam

Dreams into Lightening has a roundup of information on Saddam Hussein's murderous life and legacy, with a plethora of links on the pitiful excuse of a human being's evil deeds.

My favorite link (via Dreams into Lightening) is Michael Trotten's 2004 piece - "Kill Saddam," in which Saddam's deservedness of the death penalty is described in a manner that gels with my own sentiments:

... for the sake of peace and security, Saddam Hussein needs (edit: needed) to be killed as quickly as possible.

I hate the death penalty.

It's gratuitous and excessive. Innocents are executed. There is no proof it deters would-be criminals. In a system of limited government, the state should not have the power to murder its citizens. Besides, a dead criminal is no less dangerous than a caged one.

None of those objections apply to the upcoming trial (edit: now completed and his execution carried out) of Saddam Hussein. He is no mere criminal. He's the political leader of a murderous ideology with active followers who are not with him in that cage.

More here ...

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Posted by Richard at January 1, 2007 3:55 PM

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