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January 18, 2007

More 'Mosques Uncovered' - Again

On January 16 we posted these videos obtained by Channel4 in the UK that were aired on January 15, 2007 following an extensive investigation. 'C4 Dispatches', taken by a cameraman who went undercover into some of Britain's largest and most attended mosques, revealed how a message of hatred and segregation is being spread throughout the UK. In our 1/16 post we cautioned that you would like what you were going to see, that you'd likely not be surprised, and that you'd better watch them quickly before some politically correct, multiculturalist, dhimmi at YouTube pulled them. They have since been pulled.

Fortunately, another poster has put some of them back up on YouTube (Hat tip to kasper1062 for the previous video postings). These are not likely to be up long, so catch them while you can. (Hat tip to mg0279, to whom we've sent a message that we'll happily arrange for them to get hosted if he'll send us the originals).

The excellent investigation by Channel4 Dispatches has resulted in "must see" and "must be known" information that should be available for all to see. There can be no excuse for not letting them be seen by everyone as many times as possible, and corporate interests should not be placed ahead of what amounts to important warnings for Western civilization.

These are truly incredible examples of the hate and threat of radical Islam to Western civilization, and all peace-loving, tolerant, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

C4 Dispatches: Undercover Mosque (Pt-1)

C4 Dispatches: Undercover Mosque (Pt-2)

C4 Dispatches: Undercover Mosque (Pt-3)

C4 Dispatches: Undercover Mosque (Pt-4)

C4 Dispatches: Undercover Mosque (Pt-5)

As we said in our earlier post, this is indeed very scary stuff! And remember, the very same thing is also going on in mosques and in Muslim communities throughout the U.S.

Posted by Mike in Iraq at January 18, 2007 8:29 AM

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