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January 16, 2007

Blowing Our Last Chance In Iraq

A must read, worthy of pointing to - Christopher Hitchens on how Bush may be blowing our last chance in Iraq through "calamitous mismanagement" and being identified with the Shi'ites:

A few months ago, I wrote here that the coalition potentially acted as a militia for those who didn't have a militia. I got quite good feedback for that formulation from American soldiers and from Iraqis, too. In large parts of Iraq, still, there are people who dread what might happen in the event of our withdrawal--people to whom in some sense we remain pledged. A surge of any size will be worse than useless if it loses us that moral advantage (edit - by aiding and abetting the Shi'ites in acting against the Sunnis, as well as other "calamitous mismanagement"). In all the recent ignorant burbling about another Vietnam, it ought to have been stressed that there is just one historical parallel worth noting: the early identification of the Kennedy brothers with the Catholic faction in Saigon over the Buddhist one. This is one mistake that we can and must avoid repeating, and Maliki's regime, with its Dawa and Sadrist allies, should be made to know it.
Read it all here ...

Also, more on handing the Shi'ites, and Iran, the keys to the country and carte blanche to slaughter everyone that doesn't believe as they do at "On Circular Surging And Going There In A Handbasket."

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Posted by Richard at January 16, 2007 8:55 PM

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