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August 11, 2006

Olmert Pulls A Chiraq - Surrenders To Hezbollah

chirac_white_flag.jpgNo link here, just a few comments about what I've been hearing on Fox News.

We're hearing now that Olmert has agreed to accept the UN resolution being voted on tonight, which calls for little more than an expanded version of the grossly ineffectual UNIFIL under a Chapter 6 - virtually useless.

You can expect Olmert's political head to roll after this. Without an overwhelming Israeli military victory won by a massive force into Lebanon, you can safely bet the bank on Hezbollah and the Islamic radicals - especially Iran, to claim victory, and repeat what we've seen in Lebanon, but on a massively larger scale.

This is a defeat for the West, and a victory for Islamic fascism. We are now on our way to a nuclear war with Iran and a much greater turmoil throughout the Middle East. Israel and the West has done exactly what Iran knew it would do - roll over on it's back and surrender. Olmert, in behalf of Israel and Western civilization, has pulled a Chiraq. It's time to go buy a Koran and change your Sunday worship day to Friday.

Mark my words this 11th day of August, 2006. Olmert's surrender will be taken by all Muslims, particularly the radical Islamists, as a huge victory for terrorism and Hezbollah. Furthermore this "deal" will unravel like cheap cloth and is a guarantee for increasing problems not only between Hezbollah and Israel but also between Iran-sponsored radical Islam and the civilized world (the "civilized world" is the world outside of Iran and other Islamic states - no offense meant to moderate Muslims who have no love lost for sharia and no interest in an Islamic caliphate).

All hell is now going to break loose, and we can attribute it to Bush "talking the talk" but in the end rolling over on his back to Islamic pressure, and subsequently, under pressure from the U.S., Olmert pulling a Chiraq and handing the Islamists an undeserved victory, and likely, his country along with it sometime in the near future. I certainly would refer to myself politically as a "moderate" neocon that has been supportive of President Bush, but now you can count among the growing number of neocons that are increasingly disatisfied with his "talk with no walk" in the war on terror. Let's face it - we're loosing.

Originally posted at Hyscience

Posted by Richard at August 11, 2006 6:14 PM

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