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August 31, 2006

Journalist's Brother Killed in Waziristan

Truly sad news out of Waziristan as the mufsidun continue to wage their war on opposing voices. The borther of journalist Dilawar Khan Wazir was taken hostage and killed on his way to school reaching the young age of 14.

He was found lying unconscious and wounded near the Karikot area on Wednesday by locals who took him to the civil hospital where he eventually died. Doctors said the boy died of torture. They said Taimoor had received severe injuries on his neck.

Eight months ago, suspected militants had planted a bomb outside Wazir's home in Waziristan, forcing him to move to Dera Ismail Khan in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province from the restive Waziristan. His family, however, continue to live in Karikot in Waziristan. Wazir had been reporting on the Pakistani Army's assault on al-Qaeda training camps in the area.

Wazir works for the Daily Dawn and the BBC Urdu Service in South Waziristan, and unfortunately this is just one of many similar attacks in the region.

Posted by Chad at August 31, 2006 2:57 PM

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