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August 28, 2006

'Conversion Video' Clearly Shows That Centanni and Wiig's Kidnappers Don't Want Us To Know The Truth About Islamic Fascism: Convert To Islam Or Die

Hitler Islamists Fascism.jpegThe news of the journalists release and the video of their conversion came out over the weekend, however the news and what was staged in the forced conversion offers chilling truth of what the Islamic fascists have in mind for the non-radical Muslim world, and remains newsworthy.

Although Islamic fascism itself is certainly not news, visual evidence staged in a "living room setting" and freely employed by them to deny its very tenets, while clearly demonstrating to the world the path they plan for the world - convert to Islam or die, is and should be, something that we keep ever-fresh in our minds.

You sense this in watching the followiing video in its entirety , and if this media presentation (via Hot Air) doesn't make you vomit, which is introduced by the line from the Koran about there being no compulsion in religion (conversion at the point of a gun apparently doesn't count), let's just say that you can rest assured that you'll never be in need of Emetrol (a phosphorylated carbohydrate solution for nausea).

The glaring truth is that Islamic fascism does indeed exist, that it is part and parcel of the Islamist's ideology of hate, violence, and world domination, and that denying it's existence is increasingly becoming a futile effort on the part of the left and of the Islamic fascists themselves. That the radical Islamists and their supporters realize this, is acutely evidenced by the very video of "conversion to Islam" they themselves staged - they focused a lot of time attempting to discredit it's existance. The message of Islamic fascism is clear - we in the West must accept Islam or die. Nothing less will be tolerated.

As Riehl World View put it on Sunday:

The message in the conversion video was not one of public relations. It was a statement which outlines a perceived path. That road map is easy enough to see, convert to Islam, or die.

No, that isn't the position of every Muslim, of course. But it is precisely the message of the Islamo-fascist enemy we fight. And the Left in America better either figure it out, or stop pretending it isn't true.

One need only watch the video to see the real goal of our Islamo-fascist enemies and understand that, in this case, kidnapping was simply another means to an end - an end every move Islamo-fascists make is designed to achieve. If Americans don't come to understand that, they had better get ready to start removing their shoes five times a day before they bow down in prayer while facing the Qibla.

Only a fool would interpret the conversion aspect of this terrible crime any other way. And the more we allow these types of crimes to go unpunished, as this one likely will, the closer we get to the day of our own conversion. And, personally, I'm not going there. It need not be convert to Islam or die, provided America as a willing to fight back.

And from our previous post, "The Muslim Brotherhood's Subterfuge: Plan For Islamofascism - 10," we have a take home message from Scott Burgess at the Daily Ablution (via Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch):

... some extraordinarily important information (here and here) about a recently discovered document that contains "an outline for a strategy - most likely drawn up by the Muslim Brotherhood - to combine jihad, surveillance, infiltration and propaganda (among other techniques) in order to 'establish the reign of Allah throughout in the world' via the creation of the Caliphate and its subsequent dominance.
Read, digest, remember, and tell your friends.

Posted by Richard at August 28, 2006 2:38 PM

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