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May 1, 2006


A new dictatorship is looming on the horizon.

For those who live outside Italy surely this doesn't seem possible and my assumption may be regarded as exaggerated.

But we have already witnessed this past week the first signs of it, both in Parliament and in the streets of Rome and Milan.

After appointing the leader of Rifondazione Comunista Fausto Bertinotti speaker of the Lower chamber, and Franco Marini, a former unionist, speaker of the Senate, we are now waiting for the final blow which will tear the country apart: the election of former communist, now party chair of the Democratici di Sinistra (Democrats of the Left), Massimo D'Alema, as new Italian President.

If the new coalition majority elects a leftist president, such
"dictatorship of the majority ... would produce total opposition not only in parliament,"
Berlusconi predicted in the Sunday edition of the Corriere della Sera daily.
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Posted by Doc at May 1, 2006 8:42 PM

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