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May 18, 2006

American Convert: Muslims must reject democracy!

I stumbled on this dribble this afternoon while looking over Middle Eastern media sites. It's an opinion piece by someone that purports to be an American women convert to Islam, and if the writer is as proclaimed, it offers some insight into the logic and mindset of some of the women that leave their native culture for Islam:

(Yemen Times) I read your paper often and I have lived in Yemen for the last four years. I have been a Muslima (female Muslim) for 12 years being born an American.

I would like to know why the Muslims think "Democracy" is better than the Shariah??? Our law, the Shariah, is the law from Allah and no law is better than what Allah gave us. Maybe people are confused about what Democracy is? If they think that it is the choice of the people to elect their government then they are being mislead. The United States of America, the land that represents and disseminates Democracy, doesn't even have the Democracy that they want everyone else to have. They have the Popular vote and the Electoral College. So if a person wins the popular vote or the Democratic vote they may not win the election because they could lose the electoral vote. This happened the last election between Bush and Gore. By the Democratic vote Gore won but by the electoral college Bush won and so Bush became President. So much for "Democracy". Even the American people can't figure out how these things happen.

Also, in a Democratic society the laws are made by man not by Allah. Who makes the best laws MAN or Allah??? Man's laws change all of the time but Allah knows what is best for us because He created us and His laws never change.

So, don't encourage what is lower for what is higher by encouraging Democracy. We already have the best law and we should do everything to apply it and keep it.

Sometimes we run across opinions that are simply beyond or below comment - after all, we have to recognize that there people on our planet that are simply "out there". This is one of those cases.

I think I'll go have a cup of coffee and sniff a few roses. Be sure to read Pastorius' comments in the extended post below:

Related - Reader Pastorius at Gates of Vienna (at Gates of Vienna - A Devil's Bargain) wrote:

The mid-twenties in postmodern culture is a kind of second teenage years.

The first teenage years (13-19) are, of course, the time when one rebels, and learns about one's will.

But, in postmodern culture, where rebellion is celebrated not just a rite of passage, but as a permanent spiritual state, we experience our second teenhood. In our twenties, we come to understand that whereas we are still rebelling, we are actually rebelling against nothing. In our anger, most of us tear down all convention, all morality, and find ourselves left with nothing and no one to fall back on.

Then, we discover that it is just the I, alone.

This time in the mid to late twenties is, in my opinion, the most difficult and dangerous time. I have watched as many of my friends searched frantically for something or someone on whom to throw away their free will.

It does not at all surprise me that disaffected Europeans going through their second teenage years, are converting to Islam.

It is perfect for them. They will never have to make another decision again in their pathetic lives.

There's more on this topic in the actual post at Gates of Vienna

Posted by Richard at May 18, 2006 6:59 PM

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