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April 17, 2006

The Challenges of Islam

The free countries around the world are beginning to see the challenges placed on them by Islam. The Mohammad cartoons was just one fine example of the violent way Muslims respond when are simply 'offended'. Denmark sees Islam for what it is:

"We are being challenged by Islam these years - globally as well as locally. It is a challenge we have to take seriously. We have let this issue float about for too long because we are tolerant and lazy. "We have to show our opposition to Islam and we have to, at times, run the risk of having unflattering labels placed on us because there are some things for which we should display no tolerance." -- Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Daily Telegraph, U.K., April 15, 2005

Read those amazing statements again. I applaud every word in that statement. The United States, Europe and all the free world should follow Denmark with similar statements. Islam detests when anyone sees it for what it is, violent, evil, relentless, and spreading. They are trying to unite, become one group, one mind, with one purpose, conquering the world.

Presently, there are 57 Muslim countries, with 57 policies and 57 Shirk-infested national anthems, divided interests and unclear strategies. The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Arab League are useless for the same reason. Ummah, thus, is the most dreaded word for those who harbor hatred for Islam. " source

The definition of Ummah is: "the Muslim community or people, considered to extend from Mauritania to Pakistan". According to Abid Ullah Jan, author of several books and articles:

According to the principles of Islam, there is no basis for division among Muslims with respect to

Read it all here

Posted by Debbie at April 17, 2006 11:17 AM

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