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April 21, 2006

"Islamic democracy" in Egypt?

In the Egyptian elections, the Muslim Brotherhood gained 88 seats.  The Copts and women, liberals, civil society supporters, leftists, and other advocates of democracy are all worried.  The Coptic people are the descendants of the ancient Egyptians, many of whom accepted Christianity and have been persecuted for that choice.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which was founded in Egypt in 1928, and is religious, social, and political in nature, calling for the return to 'original lslam" (surrender and obey).  An Islamic government would be disasterous for the lovers of individual freedoms in Egypt (and everywhere).  The Muslim Brotherhood is promising a "civil state with an Islamic framework" or an "Islamic democracy."

However, reading the Muslim Brotherhood's own words, I see the beginnings of a Sharia government/law:

• Mustafa Mashour, the former supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, was quoted as saying that "Whoever stands against the Muslim Brotherhood is also standing against God and His Prophet." The implication here is that Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood are on an equal standing or are one and the same.

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Posted by Debbie at April 21, 2006 3:28 PM

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