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August 25, 2005

Mike's Move

Cross-posted at American Daughter

Radio talk show host Michael Graham was suspended without pay by Washington, DC radio station WMAL-AM on July 28 for correctly identifying Muslim extremists as terrorists. In an astounding failure to defend his right of free speech, the ABC affiliate, together with sponsoring advertiser Cadillac and parent company Disney. succumbed to intimidation by the Hamas front group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). When CAIR continued to pressure them, saying suspension was not satisfactory, the so-called "American" Broadcasting Corporation radio station bent over still further and fired Michael Graham.

One month ago he was a little known local radio talk show host. Now he is a national conservative celebrity. This will no doubt be a terrific career boost for him. And he will have a larger audience now. WorldNetDaily is reporting that he has moved to RightTalk.com, a popular Internet radio station. From local radio waves to international light waves. Who knew? His daily one-hour show on RightTalk will be called Michael Graham, Unleashed! We suspect the Islamo-fascists at CAIR have just collectively shot themselves in the foot.

Posted by at August 25, 2005 1:04 PM

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