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July 7, 2005

On "Terror in "Londonistan", Echoes of Madrid" and 'Wake Up Calls'

Say it for what it is. The villain is Islamofascism. The name it acts under doesn't matter. Political correctness must end now. Fundamental Islam IS the enemy and it is the ISLAMISTS that we must bring to their knees.
Will the sleeping lion now awaken to the dangerous threat of Islamofascism? Will England and the rest of Europe now realize that Islamofascists must be crushed and not appeased?

Will England, all of Europe, and hopefully the liberal pacifists in America, perhaps now wake up to the Islamic threat and trully join together to be filled with that "terrible resolve" referred to by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto following the attack on Pearl Harbor?

We need to realize that it really doesn't matter what title or name under which the disease of radical Islam has struck London. People have been murdered and maimed under the name of Islam, and it's hard to believe that these victims care what name the sick distorted minds practiced their Islamic faith. What blogger or reader among us that has been covering the War on Terror has harbored any doubts that Europe's apathy to Islam's threat to it's way of life would sooner rather than later lead to disasters such as what has occured in London today?

London has earned the moniker "Londonistan" by doing what most of European society does best - appease terrorists. London damned well earned the moniker, but it damned well didn't deserve the attacks.

According to Michael Radu, director of Foreign Policy Research Institute's Center on Terrorism and Political Violence, terrorists recruited in England--some Britons, some French or Spaniards--were to be found in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Chechnya, Bosnia, Macedonia, and Kosovo. Even French antiterrorist experts talk about "Londonistan," and there is a connection between one of the worst Islamic terrorists from Britain with the London School of Economics, a center of anticapitalist, anti-Western miseducation for almost a century.

From Matthew Levitt at "The Counterterrorism Blog," we learn that a group calling itself the "Organization of Al-Qaeda Jihad in Europe" claimed the attacks in London today and has threatened similar ones in Italy, Denmark and other countries with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. (However in an earlier post Evan doubts the authenticity of the claim)

(...) in a statement posted on the Internet "Heroic mujahedeens carried out a sacred attack in London, and here is Britain burning in fear, terror, and fright in the north, south, east and west." The group maintained that the attacks were "in response to the massacres carried out by Britain in Iraq and Afghanistan," explaining "We have repeatedly warned the government and people of Britain, and we have now fulfilled our promise and have carried out a sacred military attack in Britain." "We continue to warn the governments of Denmark, Italy and all the Crusaders that they will meet the same punishment if they do not withdraw their troops from Iraq and Afghanistan."

(...) It is still too early to definitvely say who carried out these attacks. But as the investigation into the London bombings proceeds, authorities should not be surprised if the evidence reveals a more critical link to the Madrid attacks. Al Qaeda's modus operandi is shifting away from centralized or even regional oversight of attacks to a more independent, localized operational model that includes both experienced operatives and newly radicalized adherents to al Qaeda's ideology of global jihad.

(...) In all likelihood, these attacks, like those in Madrid, were carried out not by members of al Qaeda itself or even members of its known affiliate groups but by a motley crew of fellow travelers who banded together to execute this particular al Qaeda-style attack. The group will likely include some relatively new members and some experienced jihadists, and some of the latter may even have ties to known al Qaeda operatives. It should not surprise if authorities determine that funding for the London attacks was raised locally, as it was in Madrid. And investigators will likely find that radical preachers in Europe in general and London in particular, played a central role in the radicalization of these fellow travelers. London has long been home to many such preachers, including Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza al Masri, whose radical preaching earned London the moniker "Londonistan."

More ...

Separately, Evan provides a link to an article he wrote in 1999 on Islamic extremists in the United Kingdom. It should offer some good general background on the problem of "Londonistan."

As for us in America and our on apathy to the Islamic threat, particularly in relation to our immigration policy, Michael Cutler on "London Attacks and Our Lack of Immigration Enforcement" is a must read, and bespeaks to recognizing the London attacks as a harbinger of the terror that our own apathy to the immigration problem will most certainly bring to our own country.

The London attacks must serve as a wake-up call to all of the West. Islam, as practiced today, is more a political way of life than it is a religion. This is not to say that there aren't "peaceful Muslims," but without any doubt whatsoever, the VOICE of ISLAM today is violent JIHAD against the West with the objective of Islamicizing the non-Muslim world. America must not continue making the same mistakes that the Europeans have made.

From Captain Ed - The statement from world leaders at the G-8 conference, read by Tony Blair, sums it up:

"We will not allow violence to change our societies or our values nor will we allow it to stop the work of this summit," Blair said in a statement on behalf of the Group of Eight leaders and the heads of other nations meeting here. "We will continue our deliberations in the interest of a better world."

Earlier, Blair termed the blasts terrorist attacks and said it was reasonably clear they were "designed and aimed to coincide" with the meeting.

"We are united in our resolve to confront and defeat this terrorism that is not an attack on one nation but on all nations and on civilized people everywhere," the world leaders said. ...

"Today's bombings will not weaken in any way our resolve to uphold the most deeply held principles of our societies and to defeat those who would impose their fanaticism and extremism on all of us," the world leaders said in the statement read by Blair. "We shall prevail, and they shall not."

Damned right. This is a renewed call for clarity and resolve in this conflict, and those who have spent the last four years carping from the sidelines had better get a clue now.

One final thought. Much should be said on the spiritual vacuum cultured by European thought, now in the process of being filled with the hate and violence of Islam. This War on Terror is a religious war, and the sooner we realize it, the quicker we will when it. Then all God's people can live in peace with the freedom to practice their belief or non-belief. But surely, such cannot be the case under Islamic law. And it is life under Islamic law that the terrorists seek to establish.

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More coming ..........

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Posted by Richard at July 7, 2005 9:57 PM

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