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July 20, 2005

7/7 Picking Up The Pieces

A Brit's reaction to the 7/7 Attacks, via Capital Region People:

(...) "...It'll take more than bombs to cow us. Not for us the way of the Spanish, throwing out their government and pulling their troops out of Iraq in the aftermath of the Madrid train bombs. Sure, bombs are indiscriminate, but they are remote - they destroy the lives of those involved, but they serve only to strengthen the resolve of everyone else. While others mourn, we're left to carry on as before, our daily routine serving as our collective defiance. Brave? Those killed weren't brave, they were unlucky..." (Entire Post)

Like CRP says, it's one of those 'really must' reads..


[United Together: Britain's Union Jack and the U.S' Stars and Stripes show the way forwards as a member of the crowd shows Blair and Bush what G8 couldn't - want something enough, and no amount of diplomatic speak will stop you. (c) Black Rat]

Related (HT CRP)Flame of her life cruelly extinguished - The youngest confirmed victim of the London bombings, Shahara Islam, 20, from Plaistow, east London, has been buried in east London in the first funeral following the atrocities. A statement from her family paid tribute to a simple girl who had been at the wrong place at the wrong time. This beautiful tribute is also a must read.

Also via CRP, keep an eye on a post Michelle Malkin has been regularly updating: APOLOGIST FOR TERROR: WE'RE "SASSY!" about that Muslim Guardian-UK "trainee journalist" attempting to explain away the 7/7 terrorist bombing attacks. But of course that's what we've all come to expect out of the Guardian.

The most disgusting thing of all is that it's obvious that the idiot is actually proud of his Islamist brother's murder of innocent Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Some claim to fame, having an affilitation by association and excusatory justification of terrorists. I think that speaks volumes about the character and mindset of the Guardian and their Islamist journalist.

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Posted by Richard at July 20, 2005 10:53 PM

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