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As Jim Hoft aptly suggests, it's now an Obama world, and the Obama administration's war on ... discuss

This time ... for real! Right now on Fox News ... the Egyptian VP has announced that Mub ... discuss

Update: Fox News reports that Mubarak will indeed be stepping down tonight and transferring ... discuss

Canadian David Solway cuts right to the chase in his piece at PJM today titled "Obama Must ... discuss

Egyptian journalist 'Ata Abd Al-Aal, interviewed on Egypt's Al-Rahma TV outlined a plan fo ... discuss

This excellent detailed and extensive primer on sharia (Islamic law), posted at Australian ... discuss

In a taxpayer-funded program, students will now be required to take Arabic language and cul ... discuss

Mahmoud Salem, a leading voice of the Egyptian uprising who tweets as @Sandmonkey, and blog ... discuss

Does this have a chance of gaining legs, or is it simply Iranian Islamonistas trying to tak ... discuss

Due to problems related to traffic and attacks (many from IPs in Saudi Arabia), the blog Ra ... discuss

We can now once and for all put to rest any question about the Hamas-linked Council on Amer ... discuss

An on-line video journalist explores the writings of Jared Loughner and what they may revea ... discuss

A common sense perspective on the nonsense of "Islamophobia" propaganda from Muslims and th ... discuss

France's President Nicolas Sarkozy didn't mince any words when discussing what is happening ... discuss

Sent to me in an email; if nothing else these Evan Mark videos offer a flash perspective of ... discuss

Rich Lowry on House Speaker John Boehner's "sackcloth and ashes" inaugural speech: The mos ... discuss

What follows is written by Hani Shukrallah, an Egyptian journalist and presumably a Muslim. ... discuss

Interesting, but surely no surprise ... turns out that the bodyguard that murdered the Punj ... discuss

Aana Goodman aptly sums up this incredibly naive, liberal-progressive, jaw-dropping loonyne ... discuss

Now that we've rung in a new year, no better way to start it off than to remember this Mess ... discuss

Responding to Islamic attacks against Christians on Christmas and New Year's in Egypt and N ... discuss

Fox News (via Rick Moran) has an all-star grouping of environmental forecasts that turned o ... discuss

As Gary Bauer effectively points out in his interesting piece at Human Events, contrary to ... discuss

From the sound or it, RNC chairwoman Amb. Ann Wagner sees the same kind of socialist creep ... discuss

M. Zuhdi Jasser, on Rep. Peter King's (R-NY) plans to hold on American Muslim radicalizatio ... discuss

Attrition through immigration enforcement at work in Utah (via Mark Krikorian): "Vickie ... discuss

Take the time to read all of this account of the Obama-Netanyahu meetings from Friday's Tim ... discuss

If France's Nicolas Sarkozy has his way, this will no longer be allowed in France. (Photo: ... discuss

Black Conservative and Tea Pary member Lloyd Marcus writes that If we are to save America, ... discuss

These chilling Jihad maneuvers are taught at a New York compound. And there are many more t ... discuss

NewsBusters reports on two (now formerly) great CBS television dramas, NCIS and NCIS: Los A ... discuss

Given Barack Hussein Obama's decision to bring Islamic terrorists to American soil (also he ... discuss

As Hugh Hewitt notes, excellent work by David Frum. He's very wrong about Rush, but very ri ... discuss

Yet another example of Islamofascism's attack on free speech. Similar to the case of the C ... discuss

I highly recommend you click on over to Jules Crittenden's Boutique Right-Wing Warmonger Bo ... discuss

According to the AFP, the Christian couple were found guilty of sedition for distributing e ... discuss

So much for all of Obama's embracing the Muslim world, funding Hamas, and arming Hezbollah: ... discuss

Jews have always been the canaries in the coal mines of civilization, serving as a warning ... discuss

In only four sheets they explain why they believe it's necessary this kind of party in Spai ... discuss

After Dutch MP, Geert Wilders was declared "persona non grata" and deported from UK because ... discuss

In the last Garzon's judicial operation (jan 20th) against alleged Al-Qaeda collaborators, ... discuss

This is what Zaid Al-Hussein, vice president of the state-affiliated Saudi Human Rights Com ... discuss

Five years after March 11th, which made Spain a target of the Islamist terror, Interior Min ... discuss

Ali Larijani, President of the Iranian Parliament, is visiting Spain. The visit has been si ... discuss

Iranian Bloggers - Freedom's Zone Feb 4, 2009, 4:00 am
Freedom finds a way: Millions of young bloggers are challenging the conservative governmen ... discuss

This was all too predictable US President Barack Obama's offer to talk to Iran shows that ... discuss

A frightening and very real possibility, especially with Obama the president elect and a fa ... discuss

A frightening and very real possibility, especially with Obama the president elect and a fa ... discuss

All in the name of hypocrisy and the typical environmental BS we always hear from the Democ ... discuss

As we find ourselves in the final days of the political season, one in which a particular c ... discuss

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