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December 16, 2009

Obama's Affection for Islam (Does it play a role in his decisions affecting our national security?)

Given Barack Hussein Obama's decision to bring Islamic terrorists to American soil (also here), and risk having our courts turn them loose to commits acts of terror on America from inside the country, it seems appropriate to remind readers of Obama's Muslim roots and his adoration of Islam.

From an August 07, 2009 YouTube compilation (some quotes are without context, but the words are indeed those of Barack Obama and the meaning is clear):

Obama admits that he is a Muslim. Obama bowing before a Muslim king. Obama talking about his Muslim family. Obama quoting from the Koran. Obama defending Islam. Obama visiting a Mosque. And many more clips of Obama and his Muslim connections.

Little wonder his administration won't make any references to Islamic terrorism and bends over backwards to accommodate the American left's aiding and abetting of radical Islam.

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Richard at December 16, 2009 3:49 PM


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