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March 4, 2009

Spain: "Rebirth and Union", Islamic party founded

In only four sheets they explain why they believe it's necessary this kind of party in Spain. Its founder insists he is a moderate and insists that he supports the Constitution and is Spanish national.

Rebirth and Union is a party for Muslims but also for ethnic minorities and immigrants: "Brother, sister, go one with the rebirth and the liberation, the consideration of what your situation is and meditate about it. You have to trust in yourself first and afterwards in your party to make your voice heard in the higher places. (...) The moment has come, Spanish Muslim, Arab, African immigrant and non-immigrant to free yourself from humiliation" (hein??? What class of humiliation does he think the immigrants suffer in Spain? Is he advocating for open borders? What is he referring to then?).

The central offices are in Granada, and others will be opened in all Spain to take part in the 2011's local elections "I'm sure that in a non-very distant future, not more than 30 years, one of our sons will be Mayor, Minister or even President of the Nation".

What is worrying from my point of view, is that they haven't stated clearly their goals. There is a vague mention of a document "with several sheets" but no actual mention of what they really want, what their plans are.

Posted by Eurabian at March 4, 2009 7:39 AM


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