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February 8, 2009

Spain: No.1 in the ranking of recruitement places for Al-Qaeda in Europe

Five years after March 11th, which made Spain a target of the Islamist terror, Interior Minister has stated that Spain is now a source of Human Resources for future terrorists"..."situated in the 1st place in the ranking of their preferred recruitement's places for Al-Qaeda's recruitment in Europe, and, at the same time, it continues to be a target of international terrorism.

Since March 11th, State Security Forces have detained 384 alleged Islamist terrorists.

Some of the them had the objective of recruiting, teaching, training and sending mujahidins to Irak. Others only did apology of terrorism or defense and proud display of extremist ideas, according to the counterterrorist sources of the National Police, or they just financed Jihad by sending money from Spain, for example, using the zakat or alms obtained thank to mosques.

Not only Al-Qaeda has menaced Spain, even if 20 minutos (leftist) forgets to tell it. Hamas has repeatedly also menaced Europe in general and Spain in particular. Palestinians organizations (including Hamas, but not only) have also menaced Europe with the Muslim minority living here, specially after Israeli Operation Cast Lead.

Anyway, Jihadi menace has been growing for Spain since March 11th, a good proof that appeasement (and important quantities of State money given away to Islamic organizations in the name of State's religious neutrality) does not produce any results in counter-terrorism and something President Obama should take good note of.

Posted by Eurabian at February 8, 2009 7:39 AM


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