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September 9, 2007

Basij and IRGC Propaganda Piece

Broadcast 9 September on Iranian state satellite TV (IRINN)

The Basij Resistance Force

Male Announcer: Today the Basij is a divine point in support of the sacred system of the Islamic Republic.

Female Announcer: This effective and populist force is a manifistation of that very virtuous tree with roots in faith, spirituality, and the ideology of believing sacrificing people, and especially the pure, believing and courageous youth of this land.

Male Announcer: Every day in the heart of the Basij sweet fruits are harvested from this blessed tree in the areas of national pride and self-sufficiency, for overcoming the nation's security problems.

Female Announcer: Moreover, the resistance force has a valuable and perpetual spirit for the mobilization of believing people for moments of crisis and defense duties, and it is a suitable infrastructure for training and organizing unequalled forces for use in ground force combat operations.

Male Announcer: The extraordinary ability to mobilize for unexpected events is another of the abilities of the Basij resistance force. This great and God-believing force is seeking high defense preparedness through training.

Female Announcer: The Basij resistance force is also respected from the standpoint of research; it courageously investigates new technologies by equipping large laboratories for scientific experiments by members. The fruit of this crusading and effort is slowly reinforcing the nation's scientific and research foundations for a proud and free Iran.

Male Announcer: What has been shown in this program is great hearts filled with faith who have prepared themselves for martyrdom in the path of God and the preservation of the precious legacy of His Holiness Ruhollah [Khomeini] through the mastery of technology.

Female Announcer: The Revolutionary Guards now resemble the period of the sacred defense in just one way and that is in the existence of believing, sacrificing and martyrdom-seeking members who adhere to the vice-regency of the chief jurisconsult. However the training and resources of this great body bear no resemblance to the IRGC of the past. God willing in the future it will become even more complete and prepared than it is today.

Male Announcer: Movement has quitely begon on the path to better and greater achievements and haste on the IRGC's luminous path of martyrdom firmly continues. In other words, this is movement on the path of the Islamic revolution led by His Holiness Grand Ayatollah Khamenei, and it is still at the top of the agenda for the IRGC.

Female Announcer: Here it is essential that we bow with reverence before the great martyrs to this path; we must realize that what is in our hands today is the fruit of the pure blood of those valiant youth.

Male Announcer: From the first day until today the IRGC has been a
center for the eruption of various talents. The IRGC has also been
able to innovate on the battlefield. In other fields it has also
shown that it is a capable and powerful organization. Today you see
how many of the nation's managers have been trained by the IRGC in the
production of ideas, in the production of science, in literary and
artistic innovation, in organizational activity and in social
activity, In all of these fields the IRGC has shown innovation and
invention. This also arises from that same spirit of the revolution.
These people are moving ahead generation to generation and hand to
hand. Preserve them!

Crossposted to The Satellite News.

Posted by John at September 9, 2007 5:56 PM

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