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July 3, 2007

NYT Leaps To Undercut U.S. Claim Of Iran And Hezbolah's Murder Of Americans

In Jules Crittenden's "quick nonsense review" of a typical NYT anti-war/anti-administration piece, he works hard at trying to stay focused on, as the NYT would have it, "Iran's efforts to hamstring and humiliate the United States and its allies, murder Americans, etc., as part of the Bush administration's strategy for maintaining or increasing the military commitment in Iraq. Let's see here, we have ...

Iranian Revolutionary Guards agents seized in Iraq in the course of financing terrorists. We have specialized weapons of Iranian origin used to kill Americans. We have Iranians repeatedly seizing British military personnel and holding them without cause, and attempting same on Americans and Australians. We have Iran training hardcore Mahdi Army splinter groups in Iran. We have Iranian arms flooding into Afghanistan.
Jules says he doesn't want to get into all that nuclear business, the fomentation of violence in Lebanon and Gaza, etc. As he points out, those of course are also part of Iran's grand strategy for regional domination, but again, he's wants to stay focused on all that circumstantial evidence that the NYT says Americans appear to be fabricating as a new rationale for maintaining or increasing the military commitment in Iraq.

Catch the rest of his piece, here ...

Posted by Abdul at July 3, 2007 8:21 AM

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