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July 7, 2007

Islam's Metastatic Cancer: The Death Cult

Michael Hirsh's piece at MSNBC.com today, "Exploring Islam's 'Death Cult," suggests that Muslims must find a way to remove the cancer infecting their religion (hat tip - Gaius at Blue Crab Boulevard). In looking at the history of the "violent death cult" that tolerates and encourages the murder of innocents, and the use of children as human shields and other depravities, Hirsh notes that the rise of the death cult is a relatively recent phenomenon:

It is the question at the back of many people's minds as they absorb the frightening details of the terror plot in Britain. Yes, we understand that many Muslims are angry--about the Iraq War, about Israeli policy toward the Palestinians and the usual list of grievances. But there are many people, in many different societies and cultures, who are angry about many things. Would any other culture or religion produce a group of doctors and professionals who apparently deemed it morally correct to kill innocent people in large numbers? Has something gone wrong with Islam itself, or at least the culture it has produced?

To merely pose that question, of course, is to play with political dynamite. But it must be asked. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote that "a death cult" ..."has taken root" in Islam, "feeding off it like a cancerous tumor." The conservative commentator Cal Thomas also used a cancer metaphor in comments that provoked an outcry from the U.S. Muslim community in recent days. "How much longer should we allow people from certain lands, with certain beliefs to come to Britain and America and build their mosques, teach hate, and plot to kill us?" Thomas asked. "OK, let's have the required disclaimer: Not all Muslims from the Middle East and Southeast Asia want to kill us, but those who do blend in with those who don't. Would anyone tolerate a slow-spreading cancer because it wasn't fast-spreading? Probably not. You'd want it removed."

... Even in the United States, where Muslims are far more assimilated into Western society than they are in Great Britain or Europe, 26 percent of younger Muslims say suicide bombing can be justified under some circumstances, according to a Pew Research survey released in May. The question of whether modern Islam has been contaminated, or twisted out of shape, is even on the minds of some Arab leaders. "We used to talk about the extremists coming from the poor or desperate people," says a high-ranking Muslim diplomat. "Then, after 9/11, we had to face the fact that it was middle-class Arab men, too. Now with this British plot it's not just middle class but also doctors. It's very strange. I don't know where this will take us."

... "When I look back at Islamic history over the last few centuries, there was a long period of comparative stability from 1400 onward, in which there was a kind of understanding that Islam deplored anarchy," says Richard Bulliet, a noted scholar of the Arab world at Columbia University.

... In fact, there is an argument to be made that "death cult" Islam is a relatively modern illness. Its genesis goes back to the 19th century, but it really took off in the latter part of the 20th century with the Wahhabist-influenced jihad movement in Afghanistan, and the advent of the Saudi petrodollar, which helped spread this extreme puritanical version of Islam.

Hirsh's conclusion that the cancerous death cult can only be removed from within the religion of Islam begs two key questions: Why have Muslims allowed it to occur in the first place and even more, why they have been, for the most part, so silent over it's metastasis. What is it about Islam, and no other modern religion, that provides an environment or culture in which such a cancer can develop and become so malignant? The problem of the disease is made all the more manifest when Muslim doctors, people that one would "normally" assume possessed compassion and empathy for human kind, themselves become enveloped with the disease of the death cult - radical Islam.

Related readings:
Saudi Arabia has been the single biggest source of funding for fanatical interpretations of Islam, and the embodiment of that interpretation in organizations and schools has created a self-perpetuating institutional basis for promoting fanaticism across the Muslim world. ... There is no other state who spends as much money at ensuring conservatism and fanaticism among Muslims. ... (except Iran!)

Islamic Terrorism's Links To Nazi Fascism:

"To a nation that perfects the industry of death and which knows how to die nobly, God gives proud life in this world and eternal grace in the life to come" and "We are not afraid of death, we desire it... Let us die in redemption for Muslims," Al-Banna once wrote.

The Muslim Brotherhood also "used and disseminated a quotation from the Koran that Jews are to be considered 'the worst enemy of the believers.' In addition, they evoked old stories of the early history of Islam by pointing to the example set by Mohammed who, as legend has it, succeeded not only in expelling two Jewish tribes from Medina during the 7th century, but killed the entire male population of the third tribe and sold all the women and children into slavery." (5)

Spreading their hate-filled message toward Jews, the Muslim Brotherhood found a soul-mate in Amin el-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem who held the highest political and religious posts in Palestine from 1921 until after World War II.

Loftus and other authors note that the Muslim Brotherhood and Mufti had common goals with the new Nazi doctrines: a hatred for Western culture, democracy and Jews.

The Mufti with the Muslim Brotherhood and Nazi ideology was a dangerous cocktail.

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Abdul at July 7, 2007 10:44 AM

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