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June 10, 2007

The Islamization of Europe (and America) and Policies to Prevent It

"No Sharia" has an eye-opening piece at Islam Watch that I missed catching a few days ago. I believe it's of sufficient importance that all of us in the West should take into account what he has to say, as we try to sort out what's going on with at least some Muslims in our own communities, regardless of where we live. He (or she) writes:

... The continuous immigration, and the growth and lack of integration of the Muslim population in Europe, is the continent's most important political issue in the 21st century. It may change the national cultures of Europe and the political situation in many countries. A peaceful region with all prerequisites for progress and a very good life for all its citizens now stands in front of a catastrophe. The multicultural dogmatism of some politicians and the hunger for power of others, have paved the road for a foreign religion which historically has been a grave threat to Europe. When the real, traditional interpretation of Islam gathers enough followers and gains power, the human rights of Europeans will be distinctly limited. The values of orthodox Islam are contrary to those of modern democratic societies. To rely on moderate Muslims is of no use.

... "In many cases, a moderate Muslim evidently has the same goals as the terrorists but refuses to fight for them with a weapon in his hand and sacrifice himself in battle (until jihad has been legally proclaimed). But that is no reason to make a sharp differentiation between a moderate and an extreme Muslim religion". Even if the Muslim clerics and some adherents now conceal the true contents of their faith in order not to frighten the majority of Europeans, the truth about Islam will appear when the radical followers of traditional Islam grow in number.

... Many Muslim immigrants to Europe differ from individuals in other immigrant groups. Some of the Muslims seem to have no intention to integrate in a real sense into the European society. Real integration means that immigrants adapt their values - and specially their fundamental values - and habits (dress, food, general behaviour etc) to those dominant in the specific European country. According to many indications, considerable parts of the first and second generation of Muslims don't integrate in a meaningful sense. And many evidently didn't have any intention to do that when immigrating to Europe. But then it is not a question about immigration to Europe, but colonization of Europe.

... many Muslim immigrants evidently look upon themselves as a group which shall transform Europe to a Muslim society. They feel a larger solidarity with the Ummah than with their new country and their fellow citizens. They don't allow Muslim women to marry infidels, prevent their children to freely meet with European children and youth, and are reluctant to have European friends, all because of their religion. Many of their leaders talk about a demographic conquest of Europe. The intent is that by breeding and immigration shall Muslims take over the political power on the continent.

Read the rest here ....

Sidebar (America also?): Much of this brings to mind the increasing number of women I see wearing burkas, headscarfs, and other Islamic dress in my own community. They appear to flout their piety and display no intentions of assimilating into Western society.

Hat tip to the anonymous emailer that sent us the link to the Islam Watch piece.

Posted by Richard at June 10, 2007 9:22 AM

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